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October 17, 2018

Edmentum International is an education portal on a global scale with over 400 employees. They are a leading partner and provider of educational tools, designed to make it easier to individualise learning for every student. Edmentum International cover a wide variety of curricula to accommodate an array of different teaching methods. In addition to this, they have a number of different solutions that are specifically designed to support educators and students in over 80 countries. Their vision is to use electronic resources to achieve successful student outcomes across the globe.

The Task

To help further the growth and development of Edmentum International’s offering, our task was to create a new website for the international arm of the business. The website’s look and feel needed to be fun, colourful and engaging whilst directing the user straight to their desired solution.

The Website

The Edmentum International team were keen to have their in-house design team work on the website, with close mentoring and support from the Fifteen design team. With milestones in place and regular review calls to review the website design progress, we completed the design phase collaboratively which resulted in an engaging set of designs that fit the brief.

Edmentum International Navigation

The design is visually pleasing with considered use of bright bold colours in the hero images and quirky illustrative icons. The website has some subtle animation sprinkled throughout the site to add flourishes to the navigation; for example, scrolling statistics and a clickable circle feature that allows the user to navigate their way through the Edmentum International process. The use of animation throughout the site really adds to an enjoyable user experience and reinforces key site content to the Edmentum International customer.

Edmentum Hero Copy

Built on the WordPress platform, the website has a simple top navigation with useful pages that clearly direct the user to the solutions offered. On top of this, Edmentum International also offers a full suite of support packages.  The website has a login area for existing clients and search functionality to help users and customers get to where they need to quickly.

The website’s strong use of CTAs (call to actions) covers all bases to communicate with users and help them take the next step in the sales journey. Following on from this, the website’s ‘Resource’ area is a great platform for upselling Edmentum International’s products and services via engaging videos and testimonials from customers.

Edmentum Benefits

Giving users the opportunity to watch a product/solution video on each landing page is more likely to attract potential customers who will see real examples of the product in action. The ‘Blog’ is easy to use with filtering dropdowns giving the user a better UX (user experience) for searching relevant news pages. What’s more, users can also keep up to date with topics and education news.

This was a creative project and a wonderful client to work with. The Fifteen team enjoyed working on this project from start to finish! Explore their new site and see what it takes to become a leading education portal.


‘Fantastic work everyone. Thanks to everyone at Fifteen for all your hard work. This website project has been great fun and we have been really impressed with how the project has been managed.  Bring on phase two!’ (Edmentum International)




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