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Facebook Creates New Ways For Brands To Drive Conversation With Customers

December 6, 2016

With over 1 billion users on Facebook messenger and well over 1 billion messages going out per month, it’s about time brands can utilise this part of Facebook as a promotional tool. During 2016, Facebook has launched several new in-app advertising opportunities for Facebook Messenger.

Sponsored Messages

Back in April 2016, Facebook began testing it’s in Messenger advertising. It has been created to further enable businesses to target their customers and to create new experiences.

When creating Facebook adverts, you are now able to select ‘Send Message’ as the call-to-action. When a Facebook user clicks on the advert, they will be redirected to an instant message on Messenger. This will then prompt the created message to be sent to the user, which could include a discount code or exclusive information on new products or more. Once you’ve got the user in this messenger, you can send out reminders or message them regarding other information.

Messenger Bots

These sponsored messages can then trigger a Messenger bot, which can simply allow your customer to communicate with the bot with product or service preferences and then the bot will bring up recommended products. You can watch the short clip below to see how it works.


How Can Brands Benefit From Using Messenger Ads?

There are multiple benefits for brands to be trying out this type of advert including;

They’re Highly Targeted

This type of advert allows you to be directly making conversation with your consumer through instant chatting. It’s similar to reaching out to consumers through an email newsletter, but this newer way allows them to reply back and have a more personal experience.

Messages Can Be Created In Context

With the bot plug in, the messages sent out can be created to fit the context. So, depending on what the customer is messaging back, the bot will alter the message to their customers needs when replying. This way it will make the conversation more natural and personal to the customer.

Ability To Re-engage

Once you’ve initially drawn in a customer into your messages, it is easy enough to re-engage with them by sending out reminders, the latest updates or new promotions without having to re-advertise to them.

What Are The Concerns Of This New Facebook Advertising?

There have been concerns that this type of advertising may appear to be spammy. One simple message could quite possibly become a long string of messages and if used incorrectly, it could become spammy and create the opposite effect wanted and make customers stay away from your brand.




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