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Facebook introduces Business Suite

October 8, 2020

After a string of new updates in 2020, Facebook has now introduced Facebook Business Suite. This update is set to be “a Faster and Easier Way to Manage Your Business on Facebook and Instagram”.

According to the tech giant, Facebook Business Suite was built with small business owners in mind and larger businesses set to gain access in the future. In the release statement, they explained: “It is available for small businesses globally starting today and will expand to larger businesses next year.”

The main purpose of the new update seems to be to smooth out the joint management of Instagram and Facebook. This makes it so that businesses can easily monitor messages and comments from both in the same place. This is a feature that they rolled out earlier, but everything seems smoother through the new app.

You can also post and schedule to both accounts at the same time now. Again, something possible before, but made simpler now.

Another tidy element of the new ‘all-in-one’ package is the insights section. Insights lets you see stats at a glimpse, with more in-depth insights by clicking through. This saves you from having to click between platforms to monitor key statistics such as followers. It also allows you to compare things like audience demographics in one place.

You can see how new service this looks in action with the quick video demonstration in the link below.


More time consuming invites

On the Facebook Pages app, you were able to invite people who had liked one of your posts to like your page. You could do this by conveniently listing people who did not follow you. With the new update, they are scattered around so you have to search through and find them. This search is time-consuming for popular posts. Imagine scrolling through thousands of post reactions trying to spot which to invite!

Unable to tag products from your shop

Another negative that they should fix is that you’re unable to tag products when posting to both platforms. Social shopping is growing from strength to strength. If Facebook is trying to lead the way; they should enable businesses to tag products without having to post separately through the old method.

Unable to add separate caption elements

One issue that many professionals have with posting on multiple channels is that they want to add different elements, such as hashtags, to certain posts but not others.

Instagram and hashtags go hand in hand but on Facebook, they look out of place and can make a post look untidy.

Instead of posting and then having to delete the hashtags from the Facebook post or adding hashtags to the Instagram post straight away, they should offer a way of editing the captions separately for each.

Alternatively, having a separate way of only adding hashtags to Instagram. A similar issue will occur when tagging people or businesses in posts like an Instagram @ is often different from how they appear on Facebook.

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