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Finding a Muse: Top Tips for Content Idea Generation

September 10, 2020 - Fifteen

Coming up with new content ideas, especially with a busy schedule, can often seem like an impossible task. However, finding something to write about is as easy as a Google search and a unique angle. To help you find some inspiration we’ve put together some of the most effective ways to dream up with exciting content ideas. 

Plan Ahead

First of all; planning is imperative. Trying to think up a blog post on the fly can be incredibly difficult. Take the time to create a content calendar and you will be better prepared. Keep an eye out for interesting resources ahead of time and react to news quicker with pre-written pieces. Make sure you use SEO tools when you come up with content ideas. It’s important to decide on keywords and suggested phrases that you’ll want to drop in your piece. 

Trawl News Sites

Often, the best place to find information is in the industry you’re in. Find some good, reputable news sources and see what’s abuzz. If you see the same news story it on several sites it’s probably worth investigating. You may find a new angle that nobody else has thought of or have a source that can provide you with some much-needed insight. 

Check Out the Competition

They say ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’. This adage is one you can use to great effect when creating content ideas. Study your competitors’ sites and see what they are, and what they aren’t talking about. You may be able to find a gap they haven’t filled or create a piece that is more informative than theirs.

Google, Google, Google

Google has a wealth of information even without the likes of Analytics and other SEO tools. If you’re an SME and need ideas, use Google’s drop-down search suggestions to see what people search for. You’ll find long and short keyword phrases, semantic variations and questions that you may just have the answers to. 

Answer the Public

This handy website takes your keywords and finds out what type of questions people ask. For example, if you search the term ‘chocolate’ you’ll find a whole host of questions around the subject. ‘How is chocolate made’, ‘Are chocolate raisins good for you’, and ‘are chocolate wrappers recyclable’ are just a few of the questions you’ll find that may lead you on to a winning content idea. 

Revisit Old Content and Optimise

Sometimes updating your old content can be just as effective as creating new content. Think of a blog list such as ‘The Best Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day’. This type of list can be revisited every year, added to and amended until you have a rich article filled with great gift ideas. Updating old content can breathe new life into existing work and often takes less time to do. A tweak here and there is all that’s needed. 

Use Data Tools

If you have access to them then products like SEMrush, Google Analytics, and other SEO tools are a goldmine. Digital tools can dig through your site, compare you to competitors and find out where your website needs to write content. Analytical tools can be daunting at first but with experience and some guidance from the experts, you’ll find understanding digital marketing is easy to do. 

These tools can be used to make a winning content marketing strategy. If you can get the balance right, you’ll see a long term increase in your marketing efforts, from brand awareness to increasing sales. If you don’t have a knack for grammar or want to leave your content to the experts then try Fifteen Design. We have a team of dedicated wordsmiths who can turn a phrase and make even the most mundane topics sound interesting.

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