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First Day at Fifteen – Hayden’s Diving in the Dev End

August 13, 2019

Today I started a new chapter in my life with Fifteen as a web developer and I must say, it has been an enjoyable start! Here’s why…

Something that I was looking for in a work environment was energy and positivity. It’s where I can relax, be myself and thrive. My first experience of the office climate at Fifteen has been a positive one, where my colleagues are very approachable and willing to help. I don’t have any issues striking up a conversation with anyone here and as simple as that sounds, that’s important to me. Even the managers in the office seem to be nice, genuine people. A creative environment has always needed to be like this, in my opinion, so that everyone can be themselves and let the creative juices flow.

Let’s get technical now because I want to talk about the systems and workflow we use. Coming into this job I was really excited because I knew that Fifteen were using best practices and cutting edge technology to create bespoke websites (among other digital services of course, however, web development is the arena I’m in). From what I have seen so far this is the case and that makes me a happy man because tech skills are only part of the picture, whereas good habits, sensible systems and an effective working structure are equally as important.

Using systems like git and Bitbucket, everyone is making use of version control in their local development environment to make changes, fix bugs and add new features locally on their computer before we push and test them on a staging server. The tech we use is modern and makes sense for developing websites to a high standard, from the ones that I am familiar with, like SCSS, to tech I have never heard of like Valet, for running a really fast, easy-to-work-with development environment. Especially when it comes to WordPress websites and their connected databases.

Coming in today, I must admit, I was nervous. The reputation that these guys have and the level that they work at all feel bigger than me. Although this feels like it is the case (because credit where credit’s due, they are very good at what they do!), they have given me a warm welcome and shown me a level of ability that I aspire to attain.

It’s safe to say I have had a good, yet challenging, first day here. I feel that I want to grow with this team and contribute to the success of the business, so onwards and upwards from here! Thank you everyone!




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