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Google Adwords: Price Extensions

August 12, 2016 - Fifteen

It’s all change for Google Adwords this summer as they rolled out yet another extension to help optimise your PPC adverts. The price extension allows you to show pricing information about products and services on mobile. Google continues to push their mobile advertising space, changing the way that SERPs and consumers favour the mobile experience.

Price extensions show a list below the main adcopy of mobile. One thing to notice is that they take up a lot of real estate on mobile, meaning you can really push your competitors further down the page.
google adwords - digital marketing - fifteen

















The new extension has the power to push mobile cost per clicks up due to tougher competition. As only the advertiser in the top ad position is eligible for price extensions is eligible. This could drive more engaged traffic who are less likely to bounce straight off your page as they already know the price before entering the website.

They’re really easy to set-up. Just log-into your account and go to your ‘ad extensions’. You’ll then see from the drop down menu ‘price extensions’.

google adwords - extensions - fifteen




















These can be set at account, campaign or ad group level. In order for these to work you’ll need to set-up a minimum of three price extensions and a maximum of eight. Google recommends setting up five or more, which some companies may find challenging.

Advertisers must chose a type of price extension from the following list:

  • Brands
  • Events
  • Locations
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Product categories
  • Product tiers
  • Products
  • Service categories
  • Service tiers
  • Services

Good luck with optimising your PPC accounts!

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