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Google Adwords to charge 2% tax back to UK clients

September 7, 2020 - Fifteen

Google has announced that they will be adding a 2% fee to clients in the UK. 

This comes in the wave of the government’s UK Digital Services Tax announcement. As predicted by many industry experts, the global superpower is passing this tax onto advertisers. 

From November, any organisations using Google to advertise through PPC or display will be charged an additional 2% fee. 

Whilst this may come as no surprise, it does mean it needs to be factored into marketing budgets and accounted for in campaign planning. 
Marketers will need to find an additional 2% in budgets to accommodate the tax. This can be through charges or reductions in their actual ad spend in line with the search engine’s new fees.

For those operating internationally, Google will also be increasing its fee by 5% to clients in Austria and Turkey. 

As Hubspot reports, Google owns 92% of the global search engine market. This makes it an inevitable part of the marketing mix and a great route to high intent customers. 

With the increased fees it’s important that PPC clients get the most from their Google ad budgets. We can help to build optimal campaigns that deliver results and work efficiently.

If you need help with your PPC or you’re worried your campaigns aren’t working as smart as they could be, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to discuss strategies and deliver campaign or account reviews.

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