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Great Ways For A Start-Up To Make Noise Online (In A World Full Of Noise)

March 29, 2017

You’ve got an amazing product and all your branding and website are done and dusted, and now you want to make some noise. So, where do you start?

There are several ways you can cut through online clutter, which will all depend on your budget, message, creativity and how brave you’re feeling…

Hard Launch

If you want to make an impression quickly and powerfully, a hard launch is a great way to start. This type of launch is essentially when you go all out with your marketing campaigns, within a short space of time. Making sure all channels fire a consistent message.

This allows you to potentially see a quick return on investment, see results in your brand awareness and give you the maximum amount of time without direct competitors (if you’re lucky enough to not have any at launch).

You’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort in, but then the rest should all follow, including the press picking up on your campaigns and for it to spread across social media.

You’ll likely need a higher budget for a hard launch as you’ll want to get all your adverts and posts across all digital channels, from social media to TV advertising. You’ll also need to have a robust plan of activity.

Culture Jamming

Culture jamming originally came about in the 90’s when consumers tried to disrupt culture by deforming advertising and changing the brands’ message. Now brands are taking on culture jamming to promote their own brand.

There are many brands advertising to be better than the competitors, you will have seen this most commonly with supermarkets. However, brands like Windows has also been doing this against Apple.

If you truly believe your brand’s product or service is that much better than a competitor, then perhaps culture jamming is the route for you.

These types of campaigns may cause some controversy, but it will definitely get people talking and making plenty of noise about your brand.

Viral Launch

If you think your brand can play on current affairs or has a really unique and catchy campaign, then a viral launch is the way you will want to go.

Now, there’s no guarantee that something will or won’t go viral, but there are ways to make sure it’s more likely to. It needs to be either extremely relevant or something that people can get involved in and is shareable.

A great example of a viral launch is by the brand, Squatty Potty. Their product isn’t the most exciting, but they went viral through a deliberately weird campaign.

With their mascot of a little unicorn who creates rainbow poop ice-cream, the advert comically talks about how their product helps people whilst they’re on the toilet.

Most toilet related adverts are very conventional, plain and boring. So, it was engaging and funny to watch an advert on the same topic, but done so differently.

The video now has over 30million views on YouTube and they have continued their comical approach across their social media and more recent marketing. They’ve even started selling plush toys of their unicorn from the advert.

However, you do need to be careful to not go viral for the wrong reasons! You may have heard of the Protein World ‘Beach Body’ campaign, which caused a social stir due to people claiming it promoted body shaming.

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