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Here’s 3 Video Production Styles That Can Drive Results

June 8, 2018

The stats really do say it all. With over ¾ of marketers now using video content in their marketing mix, there’s no time like the present to get started.

For those who’ve never delved into the world of video production, it can seem a bit daunting, particularly if you’ve got a tight budget to work to. Video production is often deemed time consuming and expensive, but it needn’t be that way.  With a bit of creativity and logistical planning, you can get a smashing set of films in the can!

Here are my top 3 video styles to get your reel rolling:

Live Action Case Study Films

What better way to grow your product sales than by sharing customer’s success stories? A story told through the eyes of the consumer can be a real selling factor.

In this film, we wanted to share the stories of people helped by the Towards Work Scheme to encourage others to get started on their journey back into work.

Have a watch!



When you’re about to embark on a video journey, never underestimate the power of pre-production planning. What story are you trying to tell? How do you want your audiences to feel and act? Prepare your interview questions for structure but don’t focus too heavily on using this as a checklist. Use the questions as a prompt to coax your interviewee into delivering some essential content. When I’m prepping a video shoot, I often find the real gold answers come from the questions I ask off the cuff. Being inquisitive, daring and genuinely interested in the story and the contributor can differentiate your film from bog-standard to BAFTA material.

Live Action case studies don’t have to break the bank either. This film only needed a 2-person production crew, 2 locations, and a few hours of filming.

Infographic animation films

If you’d like to showcase your brand with something more visually vibrant and you’re looking to explain your story in a nutshell, then I’d consider an infographic film. This style means you won’t need to plan an on-location shoot day and once pre-production scripting and storyboard are complete, the film goes straight into asset creation and edit.

This film is an example of a low-cost branded animation designed to inform car owners of Kwik Fit’s Winter Check service offering.

A voiceover is used in this film to strengthen the narrative and to add a warm, reassuring tone to the message. Professional voiceovers are incredibly important for setting the right tone and style to your film so choose wisely! In saying that, if your budget is running low you could try and scout out some talented actors within your team and do some recording sessions. You could unearth a real star to front your brand.

If VO isn’t required for your film because you’re after more of a colourful, quick-edit with key stats and words, then a suitable music track will suffice. Music can make or break your film so be wary of over-egging your music search. It’s very rare, but sometimes the very first track you hear could be perfect. Go with your instincts and go against the grain if you’ve listened to several tracks that don’t work. Try a track style that’s the opposite of what you think it should be and you never know, it could be the winning ingredient to your final edit.

Product videos

In reality, your product range might be visually bland or tricky to sell. A stylish video will give it the je ne sais quoi it needs to get sales rocketing.

Here is an excellent example of bringing a product to life using video.


This video was shot in one day on location at a small studio using a handful of props and actors. There’s no need for high-end films to have a crew the size of a busload when you can do it with a handful of talent.

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