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Holly’s First Week At Fifteen

May 12, 2017

Thoughts and Feelings

The night before starting at Fifteen I chilled out catching up on Celebrity Juice and Line of Duty, whilst having a glass or two of red wine. When the alarm buzzed the following morning, I was feeling pretty nervous like most people on their first day in a new job.

Within minutes of walking through the door, my nerves quickly disappeared. I’d set off very early to arrive on time (I can’t stand being late for anything) and arrived to a friendly greeting and a bag of lovely welcome gifts on my desk, such as a thoughtful card, a mug and some sweets.  It was a really nice thought and eased my first day nerves, so thank you Sophie.  My interview a week or so earlier was warm and friendly, and I had fun during it, which was a first for me.


During my first couple of days, I familiarised myself with using a Mac after always having used Windows PCs, and towards the end of my first week I’m still getting used to the quirks of Apple. I browsed around current project files, checking in with the production team along the way and within the first couple of days I’d been given an overview of all current projects flowing through the studio and really started to get a feel for the processes.

I’d also been introduced to my first project working on a new website for Mount Street Recording studios, which progressed really well as the week unfolded. I discussed the brief and design inspiration ideas with the project team and communicated these to the client to ensure we were creatively aligned.  It was great to hear that the client was pleased with the initial creative ideas and it’s looking really good.

As the days started to zoom by, I was also introduced to more projects, and contributed to a meeting for a new campaign. This project is going to involve the creation of a new creative along with updates to the current website to align with the campaign. The production and creative teams will work together as the next few weeks draw in. Watch this space.

Throughout my career, in any role I’ve had, I’ve always been eager to learn processes and new things quickly. So once I’m up to speed with Fifteen’s project processes and ways of working I’m looking forward to cracking on with some great projects.


First week highlights include taking the opportunity to get to know the team whilst making a brew, aiming to familiarise myself with current projects, and beginning to get up to speed on all things WordPress.  All in all, it’s been a great first week at Fifteen, finding out who does what, asking lots of questions, sussing out phone use and how to use a Mac mouse! But the real highlight has been becoming part of very friendly, helpful and supportive team with lots of energy.

Much like the beginning of the week, I’ll end it with a glass or maybe a bottle of red wine, savoury snacks, some good telly and a chilled weekend spent doing whatever I please!




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