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How to increase conversions for email marketing campaigns?

March 24, 2021

With new marketing tactics on the new year’s horizon, it’s time to ensure the email marketing campaigns are ready to convert customers. More than half of customers still want brands to reach them via email instead of social media or other platforms, so don’t ignore this vital method favouring a shiny new social media site or different approaches. Since you can personalise and automate so many facets of email marketing strategies, it’s a powerful channel for directly addressing your customers’ pain points and convincing them to make a purchase. But firmly converting email marketing campaigns don’t just come out of thin air.

You’ll need to prepare carefully, execute your plans well, and continuously review and change your campaigns to optimise your ROI.

We’ve made it simpler for you: our guide to building an email campaign that converts will walk you through what you need to have a profitable 2021.

Develop mobile-optimised email campaigns

Nowadays, more emails are accessed on mobile devices than on any other form of device, and this trend is not set to decline off any time soon. This reality, by itself, should be enough incentive for you to consider improving your email campaigns.

To attain better mobile optimisation of email campaigns, concentrate on the following details:

  • Build a short subject line to be correctly viewed on smartphones (30-35 characters) (30-35 characters).
  • Break up text, provide white space so readers can quickly skim.
  • Use a single column style, and make use of shorter and concise copy.
  • Using larger fonts to improve readability.
  • Make your links visible and conveniently clickable.
  • Make your CTA buttons bulletproof, so they work easier on mobile devices.
  • Reduce the size of your photos to shorten load time.

When optimising your mobile emails, you can personally evaluate the optimisation to determine which elements function as expected and which do not. Run an A/B test to assess the changes you have introduced and see how your segments respond to them. ​

Putting the Elements in The Correct Spot

Your email is not just about the text you send. Various elements determine how your subscribers will respond to them. The best practices for better outcomes are putting your logo on the upper left-hand side of the email. Studies show that people instinctively first searches for the logo in this area. If you are looking for more exposure, the upper left-hand side is where the logo should be. After all, brand recognition is also significant to cause email conversion rates.

Next is the Call-To-Action Button. This is one of the most critical things in your inbox. If your CTA drop somewhere below the fold, more than 70 percent will not see it. Also, try to repeat your CT at least thrice in your email for better conversions and click-throughs.

It is safer to keep the typefaces restricted to two or a maximum of three. If you are cluttering your email, it is more likely to scare away your subscribers.

N.B.: You might ask if this would help in improving the email conversion rate. Ok, let’s assume that without producing genuine leads, you cannot have conversions!

Using the Opt-In Procedure

It’s easier to convert leads that are already interested in your product, right? To find committed customers, you can use the opt-in or double opt-in strategies for your email marketing campaigns.

Opt-in refers to the process of allowing your website users the option to add themselves to your email list. Many brands offer a sign-up option using a lead magnet or other such rewards.

Using the double opt-in technique will help you filter your opportunities more thoroughly. Double opt-in allows visitors to log in to their emails and click on a link to access your email list. With this two-step verification process, you will guarantee that your email list comprises those people who are genuinely interested in your goods.

You won’t be spending your marketing budget on leads that have no intention of purchasing your goods. When you have a mailing list full of people who want to hear from you, your emails’ open rate is also likely to rise significantly.

Clarifying and Verifying Your CTA

If people are opening your emails but not clicking or purchasing after, it is time to look at your messaging, specifically your CTA. Is it clear? Are you leading your contacts to the next step? Are you asking them to do anything? Are you asking too much too early? Start by making sure the next move is crystal clear.

  • Did you purchase a new phone? Don’t forget to buy the extended warranty.
  • Did you buy a new pair of hiking shoes? Here is our downloadable guide to the best hiking spots in the world.
  • Did you like our weekly newspapers? Awesome, don’t forget to grab our free monthly package.

And so forth. Most people have an innate desire to serve – but you should tell them what the next step is. If your CTA is clear but still not running, it is time to start A/B testing to see what works.

Communicate Clearly

Your email should include all the needed information about the product or services. Assume you are adding a new feature for your product. If your email doesn’t have any information about what that functionality is about, how it will improve their experience, whether any extra amount is needed or not. Any screenshots, the newsletter is just a dump.

It would be best to say exactly what they will improve the product and how fantastic it will be. The screenshots or GIFs or a video will cause a visual response. Give a free trial so that they are assured of trying it out before paying or upgrading. If you just write down the value and the function name, you are taking your subscribers for granted. Yes, they are using your product, and you have received positive feedback. But that doesn’t mean you can miss taking it. Communicate to prevent misunderstanding and get better conversions.


Email marketing is a tactic that will help you cultivate your leads and turn them into loyal customers that will support your brand on your way to success.

Email campaigns can differ based on your priorities and target audience. Regardless of form, scale, and shape, such movements will make your brand expand beyond measure.

Having yourself associated with some of the best email campaigns out there will help you build useful emails that will help you to meet your prospects, leads, and customers. If you are pushed for time, you can also use some ready-made newsletter models!




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