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John Lewis Brings Us #BusterTheBoxer

November 10, 2016

It’s finally here! The long anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert for 2016. This year, John Lewis have pushed their campaign, #BusterTheBoxer, on multiple platforms, including their classic video advert on all social profiles, and then utilising features on Twitter and Snapchat. They’re also letting you get involved with a virtual reality experience! In total, the campaign has cost them a whopping £7million!

The story this year is about a little girl called Bridget, who has a love for bouncing. So, her parents buy her a trampoline for Christmas, which was found to not only be loved by Bridget, but also by lots of other loving characters in the advert. The advert then finishes with the phrase, ‘Gifts That Everyone Will Love’.

Compared to previous John Lewis Christmas adverts, it doesn’t tug as hard on the heartstrings, but the overwhelming cuteness of Buster, may lead you to tears anyway!

As they have done with their past campaigns, they have thought about how they can market it, in as many ways possible. This year, social networks and other digital aspects have been the focus, to really create a buzz and get their hashtag ranking at the top.

Prior to the advert being released, they pushed drip feed teasers, using the hashtag #bouncebounce over their social networks.

Since this morning, for the next 48hours on Snapchat, you’re able to make your face into Buster the Boxer. This is going to circulate like crazy, everyone is going to be sending their Buster photos to their friends. I know I already have.

On Twitter, when you take a photo, you can add stickers of the adverts characters to your photo, or also make yourself into Buster the Boxer. Today, it looks like I’ve got a fox and a hedgehog joining me at my desk!


If you’re around London today, head down to the John Lewis flagship store on Oxford Street. Here you will be able to get inside the campaign with Buster and his friends, through a virtual reality experience using Oculas Rift. If you aren’t able to make it down there, you can also enjoy this experience in the comfort of your own home, with their 360º video on their YouTube. This is best experienced by using the Google Cardboard VR glasses. Simply bring up the YouTube video, pop your phone into the glasses, and enjoy the experience! I’m looking forward to getting home this evening and trying it out for myself.

Of course, they’re also selling their themed merchandise, which includes cuddly toys of the characters, story books, mugs, pyjamas, and other clothes. They’re also pushing sales in their trampolines and space hoppers.

So far, it looks like it’s going to be another successful Christmas for John Lewis! I’m definitely in love with the foxes! Let the Christmas countdown begin!

Has Buster melted your heart?




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