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Light Years Ahead For OceanLED

May 4, 2017

After months of hard work and research, Fifteen are proud to announce the launch of the new Ocean LED website.

About OceanLED

OceanLED is the most advanced and trusted brand of underwater LED lighting across the world, they distribute to over 500 dealers worldwide, and have a highly-skilled team that push the boundaries of LED lighting and the electronics that run them (all the products that they design and build are produced in-house!)

OceanLED is a UK based company, who kick-started the underwater lighting revolution in 2005, and is at the forefront of innovative developments in how boat owners light their boats.

The Task

Being innovators within the marine LED industry, OceanLED needed a website that would assist them in becoming a thought leader within the industry.

It was important that the new website allowed them to target their multiple audiences with a single website (as opposed to the split they had before), that was eye-catching and informative.

The website needed to be responsive, and offer the best modern website design and development techniques.

The Website

The Design

With a stock of amazing images and video footage, we knew that the way to make the OceanLED website stand out from the crowd was going to be their imagery.

The website was designed to reflect the ocean setting in which their lights perform at it’s best, utilising a dark blue, white and black colour-scheme, with plenty of space for images throughout. Catered towards a mobile friendly web build, and allowing the focus to be on the products, and how they light up the night in the ocean.

As OceanLED target 3 types of users – Superyacht owners, Leisure boat owners and Fishing boat owners, it was important to make sure that the website could be tailored to fulfil each of these different requirements, using appropriate images and being able to feature the products that are most suitable for that particular user type.

Content Management & Key Features

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The website is built using WordPress, which allows the website admin to login to manage the website’s content and images, allowing them to always keep the website up to date.

The website is fully responsive and scales to fit users browsers and mobile devices, scaling the content down to present itself in the best formatting accordingly.

The site is built using clean code, and uses a range of CSS animations on the icons in order for them to catch a users eye, and provide an enjoyable user experience.

The website has a range of key features, that allows the user to interact with the website in an engaging way. These include:

  • A colour picker, where a user can control the colour of a light using their mouse, simulating how they might experience the colour change on the OceanLED app which allows them to control the colour of their lights.

See video below:

  • A dealer locator, which allows a user to find a dealer closest to them using Google Maps as the base, as the website is worldwide, it’s important that the user can find a dealer in their local area, and provide information on how to get in touch with that dealer, and how far away they are based on their location.
  • Product Comparison, which allows the user to select a range of products to compare between one another, and then submit those products to OceanLED in order to get a cost for the lights they like the look of. Which opens the dialogue between the end user and OceanLED.
  • IP locate, which will automatically locate where the users are and display the relevant language/price to the user depending on their IP address.
  • Multi-Language, which allows the admin to add multiple language translations for all the pages on the website.

We are really proud of the new OceanLED website, and can’t wait to enter it in for some awards, we are working behind the scenes on an add-on section, which will really blow you out of the water! So keep your eyes out for that!

What They Said

“When I first approached Fifteen I was really impressed with their enthusiasm and interest in the project. They understood what we wanted to achieve and I felt they were the ideal agency to work with. Throughout the design and build, the team were helpful and reactive to our needs as the project developed. We’re really pleased with the end result and have some big plans still in development with Fifteen”.

Lee Hirons – Marketing Manager

Who Worked On The Project?





Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

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