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Logo Trends. Part 2

October 27, 2020

In my previous blog I talked about the importance of a strong recognisable logo and how having a logo that performs poorly will ultimately affect the companies brand, after all, a solid brand is everything to a company, getting the logo design right is paramount to the success of any business.

I have already explored several trends for logo design in 2020 and 2021 but as there is so much cool stuff around, I felt we should take a deeper look at what is predicted for the near future in terms of logo design and trends, we’ve only scratched the surface so lets take another look at what’s going down.

Part of my job is to design corporate identities for companies and I have to say this is something that really gets the creative juices flowing, from initial meetings and workshops you get an understanding of what is required, how to design for purpose and connect businesses with their target audience.

One thing I do when starting a new project is to take some time out to do research on competitors and how they look and also what kind of look and feel is considered the norm for similar companies within the same brand arena.

I always consider every detail, colour, shape and choice of fonts, getting this right at the beginning of a project is crucial and creates a solid foundation from which to build the brand on.

So back to logo trends, lets dive in…


Overlaying is a great way of making a logo design look three dimensional which will help it stand out from competitor logos. You can also add different elements and have these set to different degrees of transparency to give even more effect.

Experimenting with colour can give real eye catching results and when done well will give the overall logo depth as well as dimension.

Hand Drawn

Hand Drawn logos or illustrated logos are great for when you need something completely different. They can hold great detail and evoke a sense of nostalgia which is an advantage when trying to grab attention.

Hand drawn lettering is something that looks great, the complex swirls within the lettering is something that a font can’t replicate which will give the logo exclusivity as well as making it look extremely stylistic.

Hand drawn logos would work best for restaurant brands or may be sports brands.

Original typographic logo design

It’s easy to choose a classic or traditional font and use that as part of the logo make up, nothing wrong with being safe, if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it kind of thing. Today though, a lot of designers are being a lot more creative and daring with fonts, crazy, funky fonts that no one has seen before some hardly legible, it’s more a case of if it isn’t broke, then break it! 

Crazy typographic logos are really eye-catching and give a company individual presence.

Responsive logo design

Although not quite a trend in itself responsive logo design is something every designer should consider when designing a logo for a brand. Responsive logo design will be an integral part of a successful brand moving forward and will be something e will see a lot more on next year.

As with web design being responsive is something that has to work on a fundamental level. Logo design today needs to be adaptable, shape shift and take on a different form in order to work wherever it is being used. How does the logo work when it large scale and how does it look when there is hardly any room for it? All this has to be considered in order for the corporate identity to be successful.

As a designer it always feels right to push in different directions, to give something new or different, we do this for all our clients at fifteen could we do it for you?




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