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Making Waves for Charlie Fox Ibiza

June 8, 2017

Prior to our trip to Ibiza, we have been working with Charlie Fox Ibiza on their website, and are proud to announce it’s launch!

About Charlie Fox

Charlie Fox Ibiza specialises in offering fully crewed Yacht Charters, across a wide range of amazing yachts ranging in size and price, the strive to provide the best Ibiza yachting experience.

Their aim is to organise the perfect yachting day, customising all aspects their yacht charter to match customers personal preferences.

The Task

The task was to create a new website that showcases Charlie Fox’s yachts and service, their range of photography allowed us to utilise a full screen and luxurious approach to design.

The site needed to be mobile responsive and also translate into Spanish catering for their large target audience.

The Website

The Design

The website design is clean, modern and offers a luxurious feel, asking users to call or get in touch with Charlie Fox to find out more about their yacht charter and to book their experience.

Utilising the images that Charlie Fox has to offer, allows the quality and class of their service and product to shine through.

Content Management & Key Features

wordpress logo

The website is built using WordPress CMS and is built to the high-quality award-winning standard that Fifteen offers. The website has been built so that it allows the admin to update the website with ease, allowing them to update all images, add new Yachts and services and add blog posts.

Keeping things simple, we’ve used a full screen video that allows the user to immerse themselves in the experience, and encourages them to browse the website further, with a showcase of yachts that Charlie Fox want to push, a latest news feed and a range of interactive elements that allows the user to find out more about the locations Charlie Fox operates in, as well as other key services.

The website is fully responsive and works across all browsers and devices, keeping a consistent feel for all users, no matter where they are in the world, and what device they are looking at the website on.

Who Worked On The Project?


Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

Visit Charlie Fox Ibiza




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