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Maximising Easter in a Quarantine world

April 6, 2020

With the UK on lockdown alongside the rest of the world, the usual Easter weekends of treasure hunts and over purchasing gigantic eggs which could be smashed, cracked and then devoured, is going to look very different in 2020.

But this just allows us to get creative!

With more people online than ever before, working from home or googling how to educate and entertain their children, celebrating Easter via digital channels will enable you to capture a ready-made audience looking for inspiration and ready to be engaged! Here are just some ideas to get you started…

Find the Easter egg 

We often hear the term Easter egg all year round when people refer to hidden objects or messages featured in films. Coined in 1979 by Steve Wright, the Director of Software Development in the Atari Consumer Division who was describing a hidden message in the Atari video game ‘Adventure’.

So why not hide an image or message on your website to encourage users to browse and engage through your pages of content. If you have a brochure site this could be in a blog or if you have an e-commerce site, why not switch out one of your messages.

You can promote the Easter Egg hunt on your social channels and on your homepage banner to inform users that it is happening.

If you are encouraging users to search through the site, this can then be rewarded with your very own giveaway or discount code to encourage more spend on your site. Or if you are a brochure site, this could be a giveaway in the form of vouchers or social praise.

Giveaway actual Easter Eggs 

As we all know, we are limited to leaving the house for our food shopping essentials and more and more of us are seeing limited options on the shelves or available to us on delivery, a far cry from just a few weeks ago when we had whatever we wanted on demand whenever we wanted it. From confectionary to electronics and our meals, we didn’t even have to leave the sofa to get our essentials and our non-essentials in our home.

So if you can get your hands on an Easter Egg or Eggs if you’re lucky, or perhaps if you are in the food sector, why not give eggs away. Again this could be in a competition format or encourage users to spend more on your site to be able to qualify for a free on in their delivery.

Even better in a time like this would be to allow our essential workers to evidence who they work for and receive a free one in their delivery to say thank you!

Create content for homemade Egg Hunts 

hile the above two examples very much lend their hand to e-commerce websites, you might be thinking I don’t sell anything online so what can I do?

Creating content to inspire and excite people during this time is going to be extremely valuable, especially when posted on social so that users can spread the word.

Why not create content about ways families can create Easter egg trails in their own home or encourage users to share what they have previously done in their home to have fun with their families.

Content aimed at child entertainment is extremely valuable at this time, especially for those parents still trying to work from home.

And get talking about what you are doing on social media, spread the word, encourage conversations. While we are continuing to look at the news and accredited sources to gain our facts and inform us, take back social media to be fun, exciting and shareable!

If you are doing anything this Easter to make the most of your customers online, we want to know!

Or if you want you to get involved, but don’t know-how. Get in touch with our team who would be happy to help you find the right creative outlet to celebrate Easter and thrive online!




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