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New Emojis: Everything you need to know

October 16, 2019

59 new emojis are coming our way, so what are they and when can we expect them?!

Using emojis for professional social media is a fine balancing act. If you use too many, then you run the risk of making people think it’s a scam, looking cheesy and giving an unprofessional impression. On the flip side, if you never use them, then your posts may come across as a bit dull and boring (this is company dependent of course).

When it comes to picking the right amount and the most suitable emojis, it’s important to make sure emojis that match your brand/post and that they add to the post or ad that you’re posting. Using emojis for the sake of using emojis is pointless.

In many cases you envision certain emojis matching the post perfectly, but once you see a preview of your ad or post, you find that it doesn’t look quite right. This could be because the emoji fits on the line below and throws off the symmetry or maybe the Facebook version of the emoji is too different to the one you originally selected. In these cases, you may find that it is best to leave the emojis out or replace what you choose with something else.

Back to the new update

First of all, in terms of release date, it’s as vague as before the end of the year; which is a bit annoying, but at least we know what to expect.

The new list, that has been approved by the Unicode Consortium, touches on a lot of minorities, including people with disabilities such as blindness, wheelchair users and amputees.

There’s also a whole bunch of different skin colour and gender combinations so now, for example, you’ll be able to have a white and a black couple holding hands or a family with different races. Previously this was limited to just the yellow skin tone.

On to the good stuff

There’s an emoji that is sure to be frequently used in girl’s group chats…to describe how close the latest VAR offside decision was, of course!

Fingers emoji (Courtesy: Emojipedia)

There’s an amazing orangutan. Who doesn’t love orangutans? He’s even scratching his head – probably wondering why people are still using so much palm oil…

Orangutan emoji (Courtesy: Emojipedia)

There’s a sloth, an emoji that is far overdue. Sloths have become extremely popular in recent years, in fact, I believe they would become the new pug if they could be bought as pets.

Sloth emoji (Courtesy: Emojipedia)

There’s a drink of maté. An extremely niche emoji that most likely will be used by Uruguayans only. All based on the fact that I’ve only ever seen one person drink it, and that’s Arsenal’s Uruguayan midfielder Lucas Torreira.

Just for you, I have done some research and found out it’s “traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink”.

Mate emoji (Courtesy: Emojipedia)

There’s also a great emoji to describe the British summer of 2019.

Ice cube emoji (Courtesy: Emojipedia)

Finally, the most useful of all the new additions.

Now, you need to consider that there already is a sleepy emoji ? and an ?emoji so that basically means that this was designed for usage when bored.

Fortunately, there’s plenty to yawn about in this world ranging from boring chat to working long hours, so this emoji is sure to be a success.

Yawn emoji (Courtesy: Emojipedia)

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