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NEW: Facebook Flex Targeting

April 12, 2016

Low and behold, Facebook are on the revamp rampage, in order to improve their advertising service and entice more people into dedicating some of their treasured marketing budget to Facebook ads.

To be honest, thanks to the sheer size of Facebook’s potential audience you should already be setting aside some spend for it. It is a great way to put your content in front of users who are actually interested in reading it, boost overall traffic if you currently have a little following, or want a steady readership. We are going to focus on the ability to put your content in front of the eyes of the people that are actually interested in your content, and how Facebook go about doing this.

So, to successfully distinguish who might like your content and why, Facebook use these little things called ‘interests’ and ‘behaviours’. Everything we interact with (e.g. like, comment, share, etc) is recorded by Facebook’s super duper clever computer and can be used to find you content that you haven’t seen before, but might enjoy. It is in these different sections that advertisers can select an “interest” or “behaviour”, for example ‘football’, and get their related content out there to anybody that has shown interest in the beautiful game on Facebook.

If you thought this was impressive then keep hold of your socks, because Facebook are trying to blow them off.

Facebook’s New Flex Targeting

Facebook’s Flex Targeting now lets you get really specific with who you want to target. And we mean really specific.

In the “detailed targeting” section you can now really define your audience and take your targeting to the next level. For example:

Detailed ads example

Here we have a campaign that only wants to target people interested in Football and Leicester City Football Club. Now that would normally be a very large audience to target, but, with the new update you can now include extra fields. In the example above, they must also match the category of “console gamers” and NOT be in the generation category of “Generation X”. This creates a much more defined audience, which would allow this campaign to create really dynamic and engaging content that the targeted people want to see; especially if Leicester City win the Premier League (fingers crossed).

The key to any successful Facebook advertising campaign is researching the target audience correctly, and this update makes that so much easier. Hopefully, with these new given superhuman advertising powers, we will never have to click the little “X”, followed by “hide advert”, again. Update over.




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