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New Website Design for AML Instruments

October 5, 2020

AML Instruments came to Fifteen in need of a new website design that would improve the user experience of their large eCommerce website.

Their existing website design was very out of date and did not conform to current best practices. The website was hard to navigate and even harder to use on mobile devices. However, the issues that users were facing didn’t end there.

AML Instruments stock over 100 specialist products used for different testing and calibration purposes. All these products were grouped and categorised in ways that worked against the user. It was difficult to locate a specific product.

The best way to locate a product was to avoid navigation altogether. Instead, they should search for the correct product name. This meant you had to know what you were looking for in the first place.

In the first stages of the project; we worked closely with AML Instruments to assess the best way to group and categories products. This allowed the user to filter through with ease. Typical website visitors could also find what they needed easily with a simple site layout.

We also wanted to refine the user experience. This would alleviate any guesswork and ensure each visitor was able to easily identify and locate products. Three different routes were identified in this stage:

  1. Those who knew what type of instrument they needed
  2. People who knew what material they needed to test but were unsure of the correct instrument
  3. Those who knew the property they needed to test for but were unsure of the correct instrument to do so

This formed the main focus throughout the wireframing stage. Starting from the homepage, each user type has a clear guide through to the relevant instruments. This fantastic new feature, allows AML’s users to identify the instrument they need.

The product pages were also a main feature in the redesign. The most crucial change was giving dominance to the most important action on the page – buying the product or requesting a quote. The rest of the information on the page is now categorised in a way that the user can easily navigate. They can find out everything they need to know to allow them to confidently go ahead with the purchase or product enquiry.

Alongside the sale of instruments, AML also supply a wide range of services. This now has a dedicated area for each service and contact form for users to enquire about the service.

With mobile browsing now accounting for approximately half of the website traffic worldwide (source –; the mobile experience was crucial for the success of the website. We ensured each step of the way was consistent and easy on any device.

We added additional features, including clear CTAs and trust signals ranging from accreditations to testimonials. These features build credibility and add reassurance through every step of the journey. 

Future growth is a big part of any new design. Our design and build ensures AML will have the ability to add to the website offering and experience as and when needs be.

Get in touch with the team to see how we can improve the user experience of your eCommerce website.




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