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May 24, 2016

Twitter is an amazing social media platform, it is the online equivalent of having your finger on the pulse of the internet. Live tweeting events such as sporting events and sharing live videos on Periscope have given twitter that live edge that have people checking their phones constantly to see what it’s happening and their first port of call is Twitter. The question is, how as a marketing team or company do you stay on top of twitter and capitalise on it without letting it slip away or lose control. Well, we have some key tools that we use daily to monitor and engage with our Twitter community.


Ritetag is a great little tool if you want to enhance your tweets so that the maximum number of people see your content. This is extremely important if you are looking to grow your community. Ritetag is a tool that analyses hashtags and optimises them for maximum visibility. It does this by categorising hashtags into hot hashtags that have a high level of visibility.


Not only does it show you the hot hashtags but it also shows you the ones that have a long lifespan and the ones that you should avoid as they are overused or because they have very little following.


Ritetag is also a great research tool that allows you to discover a wide range of hashtags that are connected, showing not only the popularity of these hashtags and how they are connected. It also gives you a list of industry influencers that use the hashtag’s frequently so you can follow them and engage with them.





SocialRank is a fantastic community management tool that organises your followers into categories such as most valuable, most engaged, best follower, most followed, alphabetised, newest first and finally oldest first. This will help you find and engage your most active and influential followers showing that you are not only a company that acknowledges their importance to their twitter account but an active company that wants to spark engagement and interact with their followers. This is a great way to build up your brand as being seen as an industry expert brand and make your twitter profile the go to profile for news regarding a subject or industry.



As management tools go, there are fewer out there better than Hootsuite for Twitter. This tool is naturally suited to Twitter over other social networks with the way that you can incorporate Twitter lists and monitor keywords on Twitter through Hootsuite. Using Twitter lists you can create competitor lists to privately monitor what your competition is up to and track their progress. Hootsuite’s keyword feature allows you to set up feeds to monitor your chosen keyword’s across Twitter so that you never miss a tweet that could be important.



Sometimes the world of social media can get a little bit much, especially when you have hit the nail on the head and created some buzz around the content you have posted and it is getting shared and likes and talked about. It can be difficult to stay on top of that and monitor who is saying what about and where. That is where Mention comes in handy. This tool allows you to set up notifications that alert you where your keywords are being mentioned and on what social platforms. You can set up a daily social summary that gets delivered to your inbox each day or sign into mention to get real time notifications that means you can be reactive with your comments, retweets, likes etc.





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