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R.I.P Vine | 2013-2016

November 7, 2016

Vine, the 6-second video sharing platform, has been discontinued by its owners, Twitter.

But, and there is a massive but, according to almost every Vine/Social Media star, Vine didn’t die.

Vine didn’t get pushed over the edge, it dived.

This is all according to DeStorm Power – an online phenomenon, who has made his fortune posting on Vine.

He created a YouTube video explaining why Vine died, and that it had been coming for a while.

So, why was Vine going downhill so quickly? Well, DeStorm says that the Vine users stopped using the app over a year ago due to Vine not caring about their users.

He says, “They were selfish and they were arrogant. They were the hardest people to reach. There should be no reason I had over 6 million followers, 3 billion views and I didn’t even have an email to contact somebody if something went wrong.”

Unlike other social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, Vine’s customer service was almost non-existent. DeStorm went on to say, “Vine was the worst run platform I have ever witnessed.”

“Platforms come and go, so learn to love the creator themselves rather than the platform they post on, then you won’t be disappointed.”

In my opinion, Vine was never going to reach the heights of its social competitors. YouTube was always going to be bigger and better than Vine, because of one small, simple detail. Time-span.

YouTube allows you to post videos that are any length, which lets you say what you want for as long as you want. Vine only lets you shoot 6 second clips. How can that be a competition? With Snapchat being a similar format that allows you to share short videos, as well as Facebook Live and Periscope, which is Twitters live video platform, Vine was always going to struggle as they were not updating or progressing.

People say that Vine will be missed as it provided short snippets of laughter everyday. I disagree. It was the users that provided that, not the platform.

Never the less – RIP.

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