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Rebrand and web design for Design Innovation

September 27, 2020

We were lucky enough to be awarded the opportunity to rebrand a company called Design Innovation, this included web design and build, exhibition design, brand guide and tone of voice documents.

The Brief

So why a rebrand? Well, for some clients they feel the need to keep moving forward, continue to evolve and stay ahead of their competitors to reach new customers and propositions. For other clients, it might be that they wish to update their current branding as it may be out of line with their mission, vision and company values.

The Process

The Design

The first thing we did was to understand exactly what Design Innovation do, what makes them get out of bed in the morning, who their customers are and how we could reach new customers. We wanted to find out what their goals and company milestones are too. We also boiled down key information to achieve the perfect result in terms of a new visual identity. The new identity had to reflect the companies vision and values and it also had to connect with their target market.

Design Innovation are home automation specialists. Design Innovation design award-winning systems that fully integrate into homes. Using smart devices you can perform everyday tasks like preheating your oven, turning on and off lights and checking who’s at your front door. They also design and build home cinema systems with state of the art equipment and mood lighting. The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to each clients lifestyle. All their builds are bespoke and can be controlled remotely or within the home using any smart device. We wanted to reflect this in the new branding.

The Logo

We explored the relationship between bespoke design, innovation and the personal touch they give to each of their clients. The resulting logo was a combination of a stylised fingerprint which formed a letter ‘D’. We were really happy with the result as was the client. We also evolved the brand language. The overall look and feel to the new visual identity was strong, unique and reflected the company perfectly.

Creating a brand guide is essential when designing a new visual identity for a client. It gives the client a clear understanding of their brand, their vision, values and the brand promise. The team also explored the brand archetypes. Archetypes help define the tone of voice in all marketing materials.

The Experience

Our designers also redesigned the client’s website incorporating a clear and more streamlined sitemap with refined user experience. We worked on imagery and video content to enrich the experience. The site needed to give the impression of high quality and sophistication, after all, Design Innovation only use the very best equipment in all of their projects so the site had to reflect this. Throughout the site, there was a clear call to actions to help conversion rates.

To complete the rebrand we looked at the client’s exhibition stand. The current stand lacked focus and the messaging was a little disjointed. What we did was focus on key messages with a clear call to action. The branding and design were consistent with the website and all other marketing materials. It’s important that all the dots are connected and customers experience a consistent journey throughout.

The Result

Working with Design Innovation has been great, they know their stuff and were more than happy for us to guide them through this process. The resulting rebrand is a great success and both us and the client are extremely pleased with the final result. Contact us to see how we can rebrand your business and set you on a path to success.




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