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Redsmith is Pretty in Pink Gin Label Design

September 24, 2020

Have you ever found yourself buying a product due to the packaging alone? Our sole aim was to create a label that demanded your attention. We decided to design a label that made you need to pick it up to have a closer look. Maybe, even take it home to display proudly on your shelf.

This isn’t the only reason you should be reaching for the bottle though. Redsmith has won a multitude of awards since its launch, including the title of Classic Gin of the Year in the Craft Distilling Expo 2016 and a double gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

So when Redsmith Distillery came to us to design a second label for their Rose Old Tom Gin, we were excited to push the label design further and create a unique design that told a story for itself while still demanding the same attention.

Pink Gin

Gin has been rising in popularity over the past few years and the introduction and evolution of unique flavours line the back of any bar you enter. Moving with the times, Redsmith worked on a pink gin, perfecting the ingredients and taste to create something truly unique.

The Brief

Our initial briefing meeting included a little bit of gin science, where we learnt the long-lasting pink colours of gin tend to come from artificial colouring, something that Redsmith wanted to avoid to keep the natural quality of their gins. So setting our first goal for the label, to create a design that would give the illusion of pink.

The Solution

Stripping our original Redsmith label back to the basics gave us the best opportunity to create this illusion. We wrapped the bottle with a subtle rose design at the back. This would allow the inside label to be visible from the front. Flooding this with pink gave the pink illusion we were looking for.

Our design and pattern tells the story of the pink gin. This pattern lines the inside of the bottle. The mesmerising label design is created from the silhouette of the old tomcat. The tomcats spiral together to form an abstract image of a rose in the centre. This design is a nod to the rose garden where the petals are harvested to create the sweet rose flavour of the gin.

Keeping synergy between the 2 bottle designs, the outer label utilises the same typography. A traditional, simple yet elegant, serif font that sets the tone of the bottle, coloured in a palette devised to represent the pink gin perfectly and adorned with a silver foil. The label catches glimpses of light and shines to demand attention. Our design works perfectly on the luxurious textured paper that adds a touch of elegance.

In similar fashion to the London Dry Gin label design, there is space on each bottle to be individually hand-numbered and signed by Wayne Asher, the man behind Redsmith Distillery.

All of these elements come together to create a unique, premium look that catches the eye and deserves a spot in any gin collection.

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