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Regeneration For Elfed High School’s Website

April 3, 2017

What Is It Like To Work With Fifteen?

Fifteen started working with Elfed High School in 2013 when the secondary school, based in North Wales, was in a process of regeneration. The school had recently established a new brand identity and was making plans to achieve positive changes to both their results performance and pupil intake for the next year.

After doing an internet search for ‘school website design’, the headteacher at Elfed High School, Rosemary Jones, found Fifteen, saw the great results we had achieved for other schools across the UK and decided that we were the design agency to help her team showcase Elfed High school as one of the leading secondary schools in the region.

Projects that we have worked on with Elfed High School include print design for their school prospectus, Key Stage 4 brochures and monthly school newsletters. We also worked with them to create a new school website design that is responsive and built in an easy to use CMS so that the school can update it and change the content whenever they want. Additional projects include school campus signage and also large infographic boards that are displayed around the corridors of the school.

There are plans to increase our service offering with Elfed High School with proposals in place to help improve their online presence with digital marketing opportunities and a refresh of the website to bring it up to date with modern development technologies as although it is still performing for the school, it is now three years old and could be improved to suit the latest findings in user experience design and user interface development

“Working with Fifteen has helped us to create a new visual identity for our school community.  Through the development of the website and a range of school print publications, we have created a really effective system for communicating our good news stories with our students, families and the wider community.

When we first contacted Fifteen in 2013, we aimed to create a new and vibrant online presence. In the three years that have followed, recruitment has increased dramatically, with families approaching us to enrol their children at the school based on the positive impression gained from the website. Our newsletters, prospectus and signage design has also been widely praised by both students and visitors.

After an initial face-to-face project start meeting at the school, the remainder of the three-year period of working with Fifteen has been purely via electronic communications across e-mails and telephone conversations. I have never visited the Fifteen office, due to the distance from our base in North Wales, but this has not hindered our working relationship or the quality of the work produced in any way. This way of working has actually proven to be very time efficient and has enabled us to develop designs and ideas in a thoughtful and considered way.

Our link with Michelle has been consistent throughout this time and has been a significant advantage as we now have established routines that make the best use of the time we have available. It’s like having our very own designer at the school. All of the staff at Fifteen are helpful and well informed on all the projects that are introduced into the studio. Communication between the entire team at Fifteen is very good and I always receive great service from every person that I speak to.

Finances permitting, I would love to develop our range of graphic products and the scope of the website in future. We have spoken about refreshing the website, adding to our signage system on the school campus and also embarking on a digital marketing campaign to improve our online presence, along with maintaining our current printed newsletters, school prospectus design and publications.”

Rosemary Jones, Headteacher at Elfed High School.




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