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Sleaford Quality Foods is a Recipe for Success

August 16, 2019

About Sleaford Quality Foods

Sleaford Quality Foods are a family run business supplying high-quality ingredients to the food industry, they are the supplier of choice for many food manufacturers and foodservice providers throughout the UK and across the world.

Sleaford Quality Food Innovation

Based in Lincolnshire, Sleaford Quality Foods are a multi-award-winning company who while are completely engaged with their local community they have global aspirations and goals.

Sleaford Quality Foods work with a multitude of partners on new innovative products and opportunities to their customer base and are always ready to discuss new innovative ideas with their clients.

The Brief and Vision

Sleaford approached Fifteen at the start of the year, looking for a website that showcases their innovative approach to their ingredient and foodservice solutions and services.

The team at Sleaford wanted something that would stand out against their competition, making them appeal to the wider market – showcasing their products, services, team members and fun side all at the same time.

What We Did

Working closely with the team at Sleaford’s we designed a website that breaks the boundaries between development and the printed design form, using a range of elements to demonstrate the friendly and fun side of the company.

Sleaford Quality Food Environmental Benefits

The site is unique in its look and tells the story of Sleafords using strong imagery and iconography throughout the site, creating a style that could easily be translated into printed media and marketing literature.

Throughout the website, we wanted to bring the ingredients to life on the pages, demonstrating their true forms and showing the freshness of the products, rather than showing the standard ‘sold’ state, making it look more like an e-commerce website, rather than an information site.

The Ingredient and FoodService Solution pages showcase this in the best possible way, with a wooden chopping board effect background and the ingredients placed on top, the user can scroll through the various categories finding the ingredients that they may need, and add them to their enquiry list, creating a shopping basket that is custom to them and their requirements.

Sleaford Quality Food Latest News

The Global Family page showcases their suppliers/growers and factories/plants across the globe, allowing the user to click on the various points to see what is grown and produced in the various locations, allowing users to truly see the global reach of Sleaford Quality Foods.

On the Innovation Hub, we wanted to demonstrate their expertise within the industry, and create a hub and a section that is dedicated to this, this is also where the news articles are showcased.

Sleaford Quality Food Ingredient Solutions

We’ve developed the website using WordPress – which will allow the team at Sleaford to make updates and amends to the website whenever they need to, adding new team members, locations, blog posts and amending information across the website as they need to, they have full flexibility on many elements and can really alter and change the website to suit their needs.

The Results 

The design of the website showcases Sleafords fun nature, quality service and products and their knowledge and experience within the industry.

Sleaford Quality Food Solutions

The new website allows users to access the various product offerings with ease, and find out as much information about Sleafords as possible in an interactive, interesting and dynamic manner.

What They Said

“Thank you Fifteen team… you really took the time to listen and understand our business and its needs from the outset, which has resulted in a stress-free and smoothly executed project. Me and my team are all delighted with the end result and excited to launch our new web site and share it with the world!!! You’ve all been a fabulously positive and friendly team to work with”  –Tracey Siddy, Head of Innovation and Marketing, Sleaford Quality Foods

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