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Smooth transition for New Tech Lubes

May 18, 2017

Fifteen are proud to showcase a new website for Nottinghamshire based manufacturer, New Tech Lubes.

About New Tech Lubes

New Tech Lubes is an innovative family company with a wealth of knowledge, who thrive on providing a personalised service and high-quality products.

The Task

As an independent UK based lubricant manufacturer, New Tech Lubes produce a range of products with user applications in mind. From oils and grease for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry to high-temperature chains, they specialise in premium quality products that perform. Backed by their expert knowledge and friendly approach, they thrive on providing excellent service to all their customers, big and small.

With New Tech Lubes’ family background in mind, we went for a soft, clean approach to the website. The main task was to create New Tech Lubes a site that showcases their products in an organised and seamless manner throughout website and literature. We also wanted to design and build a responsive website that is user-friendly for all ages, introduces some new colours, yet still mainly uses the companies original colour scheme of purple and hints of yellow and blue. To introduce the new colours into the website, we decided to assign each product category a unique colour, so that that colour relates to a category. The site is built with a focused user journey and allows the admin to edit the site via a content management system, which is also easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Although you do not purchase products from the website, you do download technical specifications and safety sheets for whichever product it is you are looking at. To do this, New Tech Lubes wanted a log in area where you can register, then log in to download your desired document. There is also a form which uses a third party application which has been integrated into the contact page, allowing them to collect data of who is submitting the form in the backend of the site.

Who Worked On The Project?

Joshua Smith - Digital Producer





Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

Visit New Tech Lubes




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