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Snapchat To Launch Adverts Manager

May 16, 2017 - Fifteen

It has just recently been announced the Snapchat are going to be launching Snapchat Adverts Manager to the public next month. This opens up the opportunity for agencies and brands-a-like to start creating their own Snapchat adverts.

Over the past few months, Snapchat has been testing their adverts tool with over 20 top brands across multiple locations worldwide before launching it to be as accessible as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest’s advertising tools.

snapchat ads manager

As you’ve been flicking through your friends Snapchat stories, you may have experienced sponsored video adverts between posts. These 10-second video clips are currently skippable, meaning you either need to capture your audience’s attention within moments or make it blend in and appear to be a real Snapchat. It’s all about being snappy and creative with your video.

The new platform only allows you to create the 10-second adverts, if you wish to create Geofilters (the visual location tags) or Lenses (the facial recognition filters), you still need to do these directly through Snapchat’s website.

Snapchat adverts have been bringing in great success stories in. For example, the CD, Now 61, created a video ad using deep-linking to allow viewers to listen to their perfect playlist in a matter of a couple of clicks. Their Snap received a swipe-up rate of 3.37% and an engagement rate of 17%!  These adverts are great, in the sense that they are put right in front of the viewer, automatically playing as they flick through. Therefore, the chances of them scanning past it, like on other social networks that rely on feeds.

The mobile-only social media platform has been pushing these new features since a similar time last year. Have a look at our post ‘Business Owners: Fix the Snapchat Lens Firmly On You.”, filled with more details about Geofilters, Lenses and their statistics.

Once the new Snapchat, self-service tool goes live in the coming month, we look forward to opening the opportunity for our digital marketing clients to get involved.

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