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Soothe Reimagines Luxury and Care with Stunning New Design

September 2, 2020

When Soothe Therapies approached us back at the start of the year; we were super excited to be able to work with them. This amazing brand wanted to expand on their new venture to bring luxury skincare and treatments to Nottingham. 

The team at Soothe wanted to explore updating their brand to reflect its new direction and update their website to accommodate more products and treatments. Soothe also focused on the quality of the service that they offer. 

About Soothe: 

The team at Soothe are all experts in their fields, they work hard to promote positivity within the Skincare industry. Soothe encourage their clients to look after their skin and develop healthy approaches to ageing and lifestyle. This allows their customers to get the youthful glow that they are after. 

They work hard to understand your skin, and what your skin needs. Soothe creates treatments around you. They also recommend products that are suitable for your skin so you notice the difference when going through your daily skincare routine. 

Working with a range of eco-friendly, high-quality products they offer a unique service of treatments and experiences. This is something that would be a perfect treat for you or a loved one! 

What We Did: 

The first project we worked on with Soothe was looking at getting their brand updated. As with any of our branding projects, we started with a project start. This allowed us to understand the new direction, as well as a look at the aims and ambitions of Soothe. We then got to work producing a range of new concepts before a winner was chosen. 

The new Soothe brand uses a range of colours to convey the core messaging of what a client should feel when approaching Soothe for their services. 

The new typography has been chosen for its simplicity. It brings all the qualities of a sans-serif but with added personality. This is accomplished through the soft flick we see on the ‘h’. The introduction of a gold/yellow aims to add an extra layer of luxury to the brand. 

As part of the brand, we also provided brand guidelines. These guidelines assist any future marketing literature and design work for them. 

Once the brand was finalised, we worked with Soothe to produce gift cards, tissue paper and other stationery. These extras allow them to push their new look and tie the brand and service together. 

Clients can purchase products online and in their shop in West Bridgford. Shoppers receive the same level of care with luxurious eco-friendly packaging and customer service. This helps deliver the message of quality and luxury further. 

The website was a continuation of the previous version of the website. Utilising what was already there, we worked to build on the site. 

We improved the user journey and experience. We highlighted that users can Book an Appointment online, and purchase products from the online store. The general look and feel of the website continue the brand scheme. 

The site uses WordPress as the CMS and is built so that the client can add, change and amend content and products as needed moving forward. Making it super easy for them to grow and change the site to fit their needs and future business requirements. 

This project was a lot of fun to work on, and with the upcoming work in the digital department, I can’t wait to see what more we can do with the team at Soothe to help drive their message for healthy skin and lifestyle home. 

Take a look at their website: and why not treat yourself! If you’re interested in redesigning your own website or logo then contact us and we’ll get you started on an incredible journey.




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