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Stress Management Techniques Around The World

March 23, 2017

As Fifteen are focusing on a year of wellbeing, we thought it would be interesting to have a look into what stress management techniques are being used around the world. We may even start trying them for ourselves!

There are different methods of stress management and relief all around the world. Some you may have heard of and then others are unique to their country. Most of these methods are simple and easy for anyone to do at home, at work or during your lunch break.


With much of Russia being particularly cold, it’s common practice to have a sauna in your home or to visit a spa with saunas on a regular basis. The heat helps your muscles to relax from the strain of bad posture and the sweat can help cleanse your skin. The peace and quiet of saunas can also help relax your mind and salve the soul.


The art of the massage has been mastered in Thailand, and they know exactly what pressure points to work on to help with muscle relaxation. It is also said to be an anti-depressant.

Not everyone can afford to have regular massages, but treating yourself every once in a while, perhaps when you know a big deadline is coming, is worthwhile.


The Argentines have a herbal drink called ‘maté’. This drink is then passed around a group of friends which encourages socialisation, a drink and a moment to relax.


In India, they have a great way to help de-stress. They simply encourage laughter! Doing so triggers positive endorphins that will aid stress and negativity. Perhaps after work, go to see some stand-up comedy, or meet up with a hilarious friend of yours. You could even pop on one of your favourite comical shows once you get home after work. Simple, go and get the giggles.


In Sweden, it’s popular to take ‘fika’. This translates to having a coffee. Again, this may seem so simple, but making sure you stop to have a break is so important for your mental wellbeing. If you need help reminding yourself, set up a notification on your phone to remind you. This could just be grabbing a coffee at work, or even taking a short trip out of the office to have a drink with a colleague or nearby friend.


The Irish like to get out and enjoy the outdoors. It’s common to see lots of families going on walks in the afternoon to grab some fresh air and get away from the business of home or work life.


Denmark is known for getting dark early in the afternoon, so the Danes are experts at being cosy. One of their concepts of hygge is to go and relax at friends houses. No stress of fancy hosting, just a casual catch-up or chill out together. The interaction with those outside of work and occasionally changing your environment will help with stress levels.


After work in France, it’s common to have a petit aperitif. This is simply a small glass of wine accompanied by a selection of savoury snacks. A small alcoholic beverage is enough to be a relaxant and it also creates the feeling of comfort on your arrival back home. If you aren’t a fan, then finding a different post-work ritual of perhaps a healthy smoothie might help you cool off after a long day. At Fifteen, we have our Friday beer o’clock to help wind down after a week at work.




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