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Symbols of Superheroes

April 15, 2016

In light of the recent surge of comic book movies being released this year, including the recent epic Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we have taken a look back at some of the most iconic symbols that represent our favourite heroes.




It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start with the original Kryptonian who put the ‘Super’ in ‘Superhero’!
ZZsqxVYI’m sure we’ve all seen the symbol that is emblazoned across the chest of Superman and read it as an ‘S’. In actual fact the ‘S’ is a symbol from Superman’s home planet of Krypton, it means ‘Hope’. To the human eye, however, it looks like a giant ‘S’ and that’s how the Man of Steel gains his title of Superman! Rather fitting for the alien who has saved Earth from the perils of General Zod, Lex Luthor and Doomsday to name but a few!

Since Superman’s creation in 1938, the symbol has evolved over 20 times across comics, TV shows and movies. The symbol has been relatively unchanged and has mostly stayed in red and yellow upon a blue backdrop.




BATMAN-V-SUPERMAN-DAWN-OF-JUSTICE-new-image-March-2016-1200x854Despite being the hero with no powers, Batman’s symbol packs a punch in terms of it’s recognisability! Since his creation in 1939, Batman has seen too many different versions to count! His appearances in comic books, movies, and tv have cemented the logo up there with Superman’s emblem as one of the most iconic comic book logos of all time.

From backpacks to mugs, this emblem has made it’s mark within our culture, even from those who may not have seen him in the comic books. The blockbuster status of the Batman movie franchise has seen the Dark Knight become a pop icon. As well as the Batman symbol, the franchise also created other recognisable emblems from it’s sidekicks and villains, such as The Riddler, Robin, and the Joker.



Captain America

“When Captain America throws his mighty shield,
All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield…”

whycaptainamCaptain America’s emblem is most often depicted as a visual from his shield, forged from an alien metal called ‘vibranium’, an almost indestructible material that can absorb an attack from Hulk and even repel Thor’s hammer.

The shield has taken several forms over the years, but it’s most common depiction has been used since 1941, a circular shape with visuals representing the USA – 3 stripes in red and white, with a white star on blue resting in the centre. We can’t think of a more appropriate symbol to represent the patriotic powerhouse that is Captain America!



Wonder Woman

Since 1941, Wonder Woman has been a female icon of the comic book world. Her character is a badass princess of the Amazons. She wields a variety of iconic weapons including the ‘Lasso of Truth’. What is most iconic about the princess however, is her symbol which has been given many forms since the 40s.

2506708-tumblr_lslr8jpnsu1qko4x4o1_500The most recognizable version of Wonder Woman’s emblem is the 2 W’s which take the form of a set of wings. Originally the icon started life as an eagle, which had ties to the Greek goddess Athena. It has evolved many times since but has always remained recognisable amongst her red, yellow and blue themed outfit.

Since then, Wonder Woman has almost always retained a breastplate emblazoned with her trademark. The current logo has had a makeover for the release of Batman V Superman and the solo Wonder Woman movie we’re to expect in 2017.




One hero that’s making a huge comeback is the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, better known as Daredevil. Left blinded as a child, the hero in red inherits superhuman senses, as well as being trained by the hard as nails martial arts master, Stick. In his day to day life as Matt Murdock, he also is a skilled attorney who works alongside his partner in law, Foggy Nelson.

The devil’s main emblem comes in the form of two letter D’s, representing his name. As simple as this sounds, we think it’s a damn cool logo. Evolving from the original single ‘D’, Wally Wood incorporated a second one in 1965. This arrived alongside a darker costume that is often said to be Daredevil’s classic look, embracing a more menacing look against his foes.


We’ve seen this emblem used throughout his comic book appearances and also in the (less popular!) Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck. Whilst the movie wasn’t given the best critical reviews, the emblem makes for an awesome calling card in the subway scene.




He’s been our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man since the 60s, and his emblem has always remained a favourite. Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man after a tangle with a radioactive spider, this gives him arachnid-like powers such a web slinging and the ability to climb walls, as well as that ‘Spidey Sense’!
SpidermanSince his first appearance in the comic book ‘Amazing Fantasy’, he has appeared in a suit that hasn’t changed appearance dramatically since. The emblem appears emblazoned across the chest as a huge spider! What else? This makes for a dramatic shot as Peter Parker rips open his shirt to reveal the Spidey outfit underneath.

There have been several incarnations of the Spidey suit in the TV and movie universe too, and although it’s taken many forms there’s no mistaking this emblem for anyone but the Amazing Spider-Man!





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