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Tales of a New Starter – Stephanie

March 22, 2018

When my alarm buzzed on that first day morning, I was feeling pretty nervous like most people on their first day in a new job. All the usual thoughts went through my mind: what to wear? do I take lunch?  what time do I need to leave? I hope everyone is nice!

My quest began…

My journey began by leaving the house nearly 2 hours early. Don’t want to be late on my first day now do I? So what happens next, I get stuck the in maybe the worst traffic I have ever experienced! And, I‘ve travelled in many rush hours before.

To add to all the other thoughts running through my mind, I now had the fear of being late adding to the mix.  I arrived a couple minutes late. Can’t say I’ve ever been late for anything in my life, I’m a ‘10 minutes early is on time’ kind of girl.

Although I’d already been to the offices for my interview in the past few weeks and had some quick introductions, I still felt nervous walking through the door as the newest member of the Fifteen team. To my surprise, I was greeted with some pretty cool goodies on my desk along with a whole lot of friendly happy faces saying hello. What a welcoming bunch of people!

Closing Time

So my first day ended with going into a client meeting with the Creative Director which was great to be a part of to understand what Fifteen is about and how they work from a presenting point of view. After that, I wanted to become the biggest best information sponge that Fifteen had ever seen. Asking probably one too many questions when I sat with the head of each team. Learning what and why they do what they do.

But, the team are as always more than happy to answer which was probably one of the highlights of the first week which made me feel at ease and also helped me to move forward with the project briefed in on my first day and just broaden my general knowledge of Fifteen.

Just the beginning

In my account management career so far, I’ve always been eager to build significant relationships, problem solve, learn processes and new things quickly. So I’m looking forward to getting up to speed with Fifteen’s methods and ways of working and can’t wait to get started on some great projects.

There was only going to be one way I ended my first week, large glass of chilled and my feet up. Cheers to Team Fifteen! The experts at what they do and I’m super excited to become one of them!





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