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The Benefits of Digital Events

June 25, 2020

Much like sports, business events have had to adapt to a new normal. Expos and events are migrating online with businesses keen to network and advertise to make up for lost ground. Industry experts believe that these digital events are only ‘a third as effective as their in-person equivalents’ when generating revenue but is there more to a digital event than revenue? Here are some of the ways digital events can improve your offering and win you clients. 

Free Events

Digital events are free. Hosted on streaming platforms or a video communication service like Skype or Zoom, you don’t need to hire out a venue, charge for entrance or cover any other real-world costs. The virtual space doesn’t require food stalls or cleaners so you can save while still reaching out to interested parties.

This is especially useful for businesses with limited cash flow who still want to engage with their customer base. You can theme events, ask attendees to take part in polls, and add some ice breaker games to the mix. The scope for creativity is endless.  

Increased Reach

Another benefit of going digital is that your event is no longer locked to a single location. For live expos and events, attendees and speakers would need to weigh up the time and cost for things like flights and accommodation.

Digital events are beamed directly to offices and homes around the world saving you and your attendees time and money. You can also target specific areas and markets with event invitations shared to specific groups. Are you looking to lead a thought leadership conference for local businesses? Introduce a new service to a market in another country? Whatever your intention you can reach that audience with targeted invites. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation is another key result of digital events. Emails, key information like the companies attendees work at or their position can all be garnered through attendance forms, reviews, and other digital forms.

This provides you with a wealth of information for curating prospective clients and creating bespoke adverts for specific groups. Target your market more effectively by testing the waters with a digital event and you’ll reap the benefits.

Less Time Consuming

If there’s one thing we all need more of, it’s time. Digital events are free, quick and easy. Much like the first point, you don’t need a physical space so there is no need to plan and set up stands or stages. You don’t need to source hundreds of chairs or make sure there are enough facilities for all your guests. All you need is an audience, an internet connection, and a webcam. 

Easy to Measure Results and Feedback

Last, but not least, digital events are easier to mine for results and feedback. While hosting an event you may feel the audience respond to a certain section or some might take the time to fill in a review form. Online you have a captive audience that is more likely to engage. You can send out polls during your presentation or use the emails provided to reach out for feedback after the event. You can also use the chat window to gauge interaction. All of this information is saved in written form and can be viewed, analysed and used ad infinitum. 

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