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The Great Fifteen Bake Off

October 11, 2016 - fifteen

If you follow us on one of our social channels you may have noticed The Great Fifteen Bake Off has reappeared for the third year running and with double the amount of team members since last year, we are being treated to a baked delight 3 times a week as we battle it out to be crowned star baker.

At Fifteen we take our bake off very seriously and we are slowly learning our soggy bottoms from our showstoppers.

Each bake is scored out of 10 for three categories: taste, effort and presentation. These individual scores are then brought together and divided by how many ‘judges’ were present to sample the bake that day, before the big announcement and reveal of where the baker has landed on the leader board.

From cupcakes to cookies to meringues, we’ve sampled a good selection of bakes so far in this years bake off, but are yet to see a savoury option presented. There’s been a few dramas including late night trips to pick up new ingredients, undercooked cakes and suspected tactical voting, but we’ve really seen a step up in the presentation department with even sparklers making an appearance.

At the top of the leader board, we currently have joint star bakers, Chanelle and Alex with 27/30, closely followed by Kate and Sophie in joint 3rd. If no one can knock them off the top spot we hear there may be a showstopper round to determine the overall winner! We aren’t complaining about that, although we should probably considering upping run club to twice a week to balance it out.

Our bakes so far this year:


Chanelle’s Rocky Road 27/30
Alex’s Biscoff Cupcakes 27/30
Kate’s Banoffee Cake 26/30


Sophie’s Lemon & Raspberry Cupcakes 26/30
Lofty’s Malteser Slice 25/30
Michelle’s Lemon Meringue Pie 24/30


Chris’ Peppermint Cupcakes 24/30
Pav’s Brownies 23/30
Ben’s Apple & Caramel Slices 23/30


Al’s On the Line Sponge 23/30
Charlie’s Surprise Cookies 22/30
Mikey’s Black Forest Cupcakes 21/30


India’s Red Velvet Cupcakes 17/30
Tom’s Surprise Muffins 16/30

Which one would be your favourite?

Still left to bake we have Kirsty, Ollie, Natalie, Lewis, Abbie, Josh and Lucy, our bake off 2015 winner. Will she be able to hold onto the crown?

Want to keep up to date with the Fifteen Bake Off? Check out and follow us on any of our social channels below to stay on top of the latest scores and you’ll be the first to hear if there’s any bake off drama like last year’s disqualified entry.

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