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The Ibiza Weekender – Fifteen Style

May 19, 2017

So first of all I welcome you to a place where digital began,

A little place where anything’s possible and a team that always ‘can’.

So It seems last year was great for us, a busy one at that,
Ollie won another award and Sophie took more pictures of her cat,
MASSIVE clients joined us,
And new team members came in too,
A fastly growing family and an even cooler crew.

It’s true we all get on!
In fact, I’d say we’re mates…
I mean that’s until somebody mentions that a biscuit’s a jaffa cake…
It splits the team in two,
the arguments always the same,
I mean it’s pretty obvious though,
The clue is in the name!?

But anyway, let’s move past that, because as I say it’s neither,
And deep in the fifteen office, a goal was set, that was IBIZA!
The numbers were all in and all counted with precision,
The target blown out the water !…. Ollie quickly regretted his decision.

Because not only one night was the trip no, it was two,
Three days filled with sun, sea and sand and enough alcohol for Jules.
The flights were booked and paid for, a brilliant boss who’s far from lame,
Unsuspecting though of a requirement list as long as his last name.

The days have been fast approaching and now it’s time to go,
A year of very hard work equates to massive steam to blow.
So Al picked up some converse,
And Tony some Lacoste,
But Mikey may actually surprise us all and take his hoody off!?

India started her diet, although 60 days too late,
I suppose it will help though that she skipped on Sundays cake.
Lofty’s hit the sunbeds so her Scottish skin won’t burn,
And Ben has dyed his hair brown as Ginger = a concern.

The first night will be a BBQ,
Some serious grilled lovin,
Baps have all been ordered but Kates buns already in the oven.

Josh has been in training,
The idea of free beer makes him happy,
It doesn’t seem that long ago though that he was in a nappy,
The baby of the group, and a liability at best,
Let’s hope the months of drinking WKD help pass the test.

Alex Howe has sorted her make up,
She was one of the first to pack,
I wonder if we can get to Ibiza without her mentioning MAC?

The excitement slowly building,
It wouldn’t surprise me if there are tears!
Probably from Michelle though who’s been planning this for years.




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