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The Importance of Website Testing

September 14, 2020

Building a website can take a long time and involves a long list of decisions over design, functionality and features. As a business, you want to know that the people who visit your site will be suitably impressed. If not it’s crucial to know what can you do to improve your site.

This is where website testing can help. Our website testing service can assess the efficiency of the SEO on the site, the loading and running speed of the site and the overall quality of the user experience (UX) among other things. If you need help then please ask for the assistance of a professional. It’s the quickest and most effective way to improve your site.

If you want to know what testing entails, here are some of the aspects you should have tested.

Browser and platform testing

Browser testing ensures that your site loads and runs well on a range of different browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.). Platform testing ensures that your site works efficiently on different devices, whether on a laptop, iPhone or Android device.

The variety of different browsers and platforms means that it can be easy for you to miss any hiccups. This can be detrimental. If a user can’t access your site they may write it off completely and use a competitor’s site regardless of SEO ranking. 

Browser and platform testing can help you ensure that you aren’t missing out on valuable site traffic. Address platform and browser issues and you’ll see an uptick in performance.

Website Speed Testing

These days, we expect speed in every aspect of our lives. So if a site is taking too long to load, then it’s unlikely that a user will hang around. After all, there are millions of options. Users, especially mobile uses, need information now. If it takes longer than a few seconds to load, you’ve already lost your visitor. 

With a website testing service, you can get an in-depth look at how long your website takes to load. A good website testing service will provide you with a report of how well your site loads and which aspects and elements of your site could be changed to make your site run quicker.

Don’t lose traffic due to something simple like a large image file or faulty autoplay media. A quick load is critical for getting users to your site and keeping them there.

User Experience (UX) Testing

The most important thing for many business people looking to improve traffic is the quality of the user experience. UX is what will keep site visitors coming to your website and perhaps even recommending it to others.

For that reason, it can be hugely beneficial to have the quality of the user experience of your site tested thoroughly. This makes sure that your site presents value to its target demographic.

A user experience testing service uses the core goals and values of the site to rate the quality of the experience that potential visitors have. 

For instance;

If the goal of your site is to lead visitors down the funnel, does the site immediately present this idea to the potential customer? Is it easy to navigate the site and reach the product in question? Is your site clear enough in its aims and goals, and how does this show itself to visitors?

User experience is one of the most important aspects of website testing. Don’t overlook the little things and let the professionals optimise your UX.

Search Engine Optimisation

How will new visitors find your website? What questions or problems does your site attempt to answer and solve?

You must identify the relevant search terms and phrases that potential visitors use to find your site and that you include these in your pages and blogs to improve their search engine ranking.

This isn’t just an important part of owning and running a successful website in 2020 – it’s an absolute must. These days, it’s a given that all your competitors have optimised their sites for SEO, so you must do the same to allow your site a chance to stand out and climb up the ranks to reach your site goals.

Can you remember the last time you clicked through to page five of Google’s results? No? Neither can your visitors, so make sure you reach them as quickly as you can.

Can my site be successful without full site testing?

In all honesty, no! Site testing is incredibly important, as visitors these days are used to well functioning, easy-to-navigate and quick-loading websites. Users are fickle and will be unlikely to put up with any of the issues that you may have otherwise failed to notice when building your site.

If your site takes a long time to load, or if your pages don’t work seamlessly across a range of different browsers and platforms, you may be losing crucial visitors.

You must make sure that the user experience is positive and effective in demonstrating the value of your company and website to keep your visitors coming back again and again.

Don’t let your site fade into the background or lose potential traffic – increase performance, increase traffic and increase revenue by ensuring that you put all these important aspects of your site to the test. Contact us now to find out more.




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