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The Reality of Advertising

July 6, 2016

Virtual Reality is here, and it could be the future for your business.

The Virtual Reality market is exploding. Global search interest on VR has grown by nearly 4X over the past year. VR already has the world’s largest library of content, with every video on Youtube available to be utilised by the technology.

Despite its relatively young age, Virtual Reality is already widely accessible. Google shipped millions of Google Cardboard viewers to customers, Oculus Rift launched to the general market to high anticipation and technology giants like Samsung followed suits with their own headsets.

Advertisers are already taking advantage of the new shift in digital marketing. The Advrtas ad platform enables advertisers to serve interactive content which can be viewed in any browser and responds to phone movement – letting the user explore content and clicking on hot spots to go through to even more new ‘spaces’ of content.

VirtualSKY is a new platform that allows advertisers to deliver breathtaking and immersive 360-degree advertising shown on an abundance of devices including XBOX and PlayStation. The company already lists Adidas amongst its clients.

Instead of pushing adverts in users’ faces, advertisers are confident that VR technology will finally allow them to serve adverts that the user wants to experience.

Now that it’s hitting the mainstream mark, it’s time for your business to optimise the technology to your advantage. Below are a few ways you can use Virtual Reality to enhance your consumers experience.

Your digital marketing campaign will need to be well thought out, but the future opportunities for your business are exciting:

Content now goes so much more beyond than the simple frames of a video or picture. You need to create engaging content that your consumer wants to immerse themselves in. Think of it like building a world of content.

Make sure your advert’s environment is rich and vibrant. Give consumers plenty to look at. Filming at a busy event or in a bustling city is much more engaging than in an empty room or surrounded by a blank backdrop.

A study by Ericsson ConsumerLab shows that shopping was the worldwide top reason smartphone users were interested in VR. The technology is a chance for consumers to see items in real size and true detail when online shopping. Use VR to give your consumers a virtual fitting room and catwalk experience.

It’s not just the retail industry that can take advantage though. Why not give consumers a front-row seat to your sold out event? Or give them a personal taster of your company’s services. A VR experience of bouncing would be perfect for a trampoline park, and the perfect way to appeal to your customers.

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