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The value of using Video on your website

August 19, 2021

Video is the primary method customers consume material on the internet, and your business should be prepared to capitalize on this potential. According to statistics, viewers are more engaged with video than with reading and are more likely to convert to leads after watching a video. This is because video enables your business to communicate with its customers in a straightforward but effective manner.

Deliver Your Message Immediately

Unless your website visitors possess superhuman speed reading abilities, it is a reasonable bet that people will process the information they see and hear more quickly than they would process the information they read. As a result, a personalized video is an excellent approach to convey your information in a way that viewers will swiftly and easily comprehend. While we are not advocating using video to replace textual material, it is an excellent supplement and will help improve your message overall.

Engage Visitors to Your Website

We alluded to this benefit previously. Custom video is an excellent approach to attract visitors to your website via higher search engine rankings, engage them in many ways (visually, audibly, etc.), and encourage them to spend more time on your site. This means they will be exposed to your value proposition, calls to action, and so on for a longer period.

The custom video has a distinct benefit over other forms of content in that it not only informs visitors about your organization, product, or service – it demonstrates them. This is the distinction between passive and active participation. By and large, people learn and retain knowledge more effectively when they are actively engaged. Custom video contributes to your website’s goal of actively engaging users.

Expand Your Reach

As with linking your blog with social media networks, you can accomplish the same thing with unique videos. By sharing your video on your own social media networks and allowing viewers to do the same on theirs, you increase your film’s chances of going viral. Remember to upload the film to your YouTube channel (Google loves YouTube videos) so that you have another avenue for promotion and exposure.

Social media is the only way to truly optimize your reach and ensure that your video is seen by customers or businesses who may not have seen it otherwise. If the video is interesting and contains compelling calls to action, it will rise in new website traffic.

Demonstrate Your Brand’s Uniqueness

People increasingly shop, work, and communicate online in today’s digital world. While this is convenient, it decreases the frequency with which we put faces to names. To humanize your brand, utilize video to establish a connection with your audience that is as near to face-to-face as feasible. Because our emotions drive our decision-making and behaviors, the use of both music and moving visuals appeals to all our senses.

Utilizing video to demonstrate your brand’s personality helps website visitors better understand who you are and what you stand for—which helps establish trust in your business—and the emotional connection is one of the reasons buyers return.

Internet Video Consumption Statistics

  • Between 2013 and 2018, internet video consumption increased by an average of 32% every year. Consumption is predicted to continue growing steadily over the next few years.
  • YouTube currently has over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide.
  • Eighty-five percent of internet users in the United States access content via online video.
  • In 2021, the average individual spendS 100 minutes per day watching online videos, up from 84 minutes in 2020.
  • By 2022, internet videos will account for more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic.
  • Reasons to Include Video on Your Business Website

There are numerous reasons to include a video, or multiple movies, on your website:

Boost Your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Position

The adage “Content is King” also applies to videos! While search engine crawlers may not index the video’s content, the way the video’s data is optimized makes a difference. Utilizing keywords in the video’s title, description, and tags helps increase SEO.

YouTube Channel Optimized

Furthermore, Google owns YouTube. This is a built-in benefit for your business, as it increases its visibility on Google’s search engine results page.

Create a dedicated channel for all your video content, even if the video is hosted on your primary website. The channel and videos promote your website by providing high-quality backlinks and content.

Demonstrate Your Company’s Brand, Products, Services, and Personality

A video is an excellent tool for humanizing your business and establishing a connection with your website visitors. This connection is a necessary component of relationship and trust development. Consumers purchase from businesses they trust, and a video can help bridge that divide.

Establish Trust

Videos provide a message about your commitment to your product or service. A subconscious trust signal between your brand and the viewer is established even if a video is not seen. Therefore, creating a video for your services or products is an excellent approach to elicit emotional responses from your consumer base, prompting them to contact you.

3. Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

Many organizations are still unaware of the value of video, but that window of opportunity is rapidly closing. As more businesses become aware of the effectiveness of online video marketing, your competitors may take advantage of the chance to outrank you in search results and brand messaging.

Videos will aid in the acquisition of new website visitors and will leave a lasting impression.

Video Enhances the User Experience and Retention Rate on Websites

A video supplemented the static content on a website, assisting in creating a more appealing experience for the consumer. Videos are an excellent approach to establish a lasting connection with web visitors.

Consumers will recall your video more than the material on your competitor’s website. When you combine this with the ease with which video links can be shared, you create an opportunity for your clients to distribute your content throughout their social media channels.

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