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TikTok advertising creative tools and best practices

May 20, 2022

There’s no denying that TikTok is the most widely used social media app available today. Absolutely everyone has gathered on the platform. From artists and choreographers to some of the world’s most well-known companies, everyone has signed up to share, create and comment on these short and snappy videos.

With such a large base of users, it should come as no surprise that corporations are devoting significant time and resources to their TikTok marketing initiatives. Read on to learn some of the best TikTok advertising creative tools and best practices below.

TikTok advertising creative tools

By virtue of its design, TikTok has become enormously popular among young people. Its videos are captivating, stylish and to-the-point. Almost all of the content on this page are brief, entertaining bursts of information that are well suited to the short attention spans and rapid scrolling fingertips of today’s modern social media users.

As a result, the popularity of TikTok is also one of the factors that makes it more difficult. For your TikTok promotional activities to be successful and remain relevant on the platform, you must create extremely unique and interesting content that can be consumed in under a minute. Read on to learn the top 3 TikTok advertising creative tools below:

1. TikTok video editor

Use a video editor that assists in the creation of videos, along with TikTok-exclusive characteristics such as popular music samples, typefaces, colours and other elements.

You may edit videos with this programme by cropping content, cutting sequences, adding transitions and including subtitles. You just need to add items to the editing page and then choose transitions and effects from a drop-down menu.

2. Smart text

This TikTok function, which is a text production tool, creates a copy for any video advertisement. In order to do so, you must first enter your industry, followed by your language and a term. The programme will then provide text suggestions, which will make the process of creating advertisements simpler. Please keep in mind that this tool is only compatible with a number of languages.

3. Quick optimisation

This function, which is yet another intelligent tool, automatically enhances a video you post by including visual effects and other vital TikTok components. In contrast to the smart video, the quick optimisation provides 12 distinct, modified videos.

TikTok advertising best practices

Read on to learn the top 4 TikTok advertising best practises to help boost your product or service sales below. 

1. Make use of sound

The importance of sound cannot be overstated. The fact is that your video must have sound, regardless of whether you’re speaking directly to the camera or streaming music in the background. TikTok is a sound-enabled social media platform. Due to the fact that adding audio increases impressions by a large margin, the great majority of the world’s best-performing TikToks include audio.

2. Make sure your message is understood

Keep in mind that TikTok videos are meant to be fast entertainment. If consumers don’t understand what you’re trying to say during the first five to ten seconds, they’re more likely to swipe away and look elsewhere. According to the designers of TikTok, supplementing your video material with a succinct, instructive text might be beneficial to viewers. This also improves your video’s accessibility, for instance if a user is hard of hearing or deaf.

3. Shoot videos vertically

If you want your videos to be seen on TikTok, you need to avoid taking viewers away from their scrolling experience. Any content must seem organic on the platform, which is why filming vertically is so critical to the success of your TikTok advertisement. Consider this: if viewers are required to flip their phones sideways in order to see your video, what is stopping them from just swiping past it?

4. Don’t forget to add captions to your videos

Users of social media who are very enthusiastic about clicking may leave an advert before it has finished. Even if a viewer doesn’t watch the whole video, create succinct and informative subtitles to help them catch the idea of what you’re talking about. TikTok recommends that subtitles be written in the native language of the users.

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