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Top Tips To Make Your Contact Page Convert

June 15, 2021

While the Contact Us page isn’t always the most exciting to design it is the workhorse of your site. Everything from blogs to press releases, first-time visitors to return customers all end up on the contact us page before calling or emailing your team.

When it works, it’s flawless. Great user experience makes these pages feel effortless. However, when they’re implemented poorly it can be very frustrating, even off-putting, for users.

So, we thought that we’d help you out by putting together some top tips to make your contact us page convert.

Visible and Helpful

Your contact us page should have more than just the traditional form. It should have all the important info people may need. Locations, addresses, contact numbers and anything else people may need ahead of a call should all be easy to find. Consider how you can implement tools like Google Maps, a review system, or specific form fields to help users decide the reason for their visit.

You should also make sure the contact page is easily accessible from everywhere on the site. Whether a static footer, a button at the top of the page or regular links throughout the site, your contact page should be there when the user is convinced of your services or brand.

Clean and Simple

The contact us page needs to be concise and easy to use. This can often go against your thinking as you try to put as much info on the page as possible. Try to be strict with the information you provide; you don’t want to add too much and make the conversion process any more complicated than it needs to be.

Converse and Convert

The Contact page is all about starting a conversation. Whether a booking, product information, or asking about the services you offer, you need to build trust with users. Reviews, trust signals, and friendly text that makes contacting you seem easy is key to conversing and converting. Hype up your team, highlight how easy it is to start the process, and even offer freebies like a free consultation to draw users into the conversation.

Transparent and Fast

Finally, it’s very important to show users that their message has been received. An instant confirmation message or automated follow up email can do wonders for trust and show users that their concern is at the top of your priorities.

We hope you find this blog informative and helpful. Feel free to see our very own contact page to see how it’s done and find out how we can help you optimise your site for conversion.




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