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Variety Christmas Club Site Launch

November 30, 2017

Fifteen are getting into the Christmas spirit with the latest launch of the new website for Variety Christmas Club!
The Fifteen team have been working on the project since early August. Well, never too early for Christmas right? We created a host of marketing documentation, the website and planning our digital strategy. We are pleased to see this online in the lead up to the festive period.

About Variety Christmas Club

Variety Christmas Club is a family run business based in the North West of England. It has been running for over 35 years.

It aims is to help people save for one of the biggest expenses of the year – Christmas. Helping those spread the cost with vouchers over the year. Meaning a less stressful and more magical Christmas!

You can read more about the history of the company on their about page.

The Task

Variety Christmas Club tasked Fifteen with a whole suite of work. From the design of their marketing literature to redesigning and redeveloping the website. We also created a digital marketing strategy to propel the business forward. The marketing literature needed to align with the existing brand.

The website needed to be fully responsive, easy to manage, engaging, fresh and modern. Combined with a clear user journey. The aim was to encourage new agents to get involved in the business. Also, promoting benefits to those who would be interested in purchasing the products.

Following from the website, we have been commissioned to perform a range of digital marketing tasks. These include SEO, PPC, Social Media and Remarketing. This is to boost the Variety Christmas Clubs online presence even further.

The key objectives of the project was;

  • Help raise Variety’s presence online and offline.
  • Attract potential agents to take part in the system.
  • Reflect the companies brand and marketing approach.
  • To have a dynamic and visual website.
  • Support marketing objectives and inbound marketing strategy.
  • To highlight key messages resulting in a positive engagement.
  • Build a professional, modern website that is responsive and easy to use.
  • An easy navigation and clear user journey.
  • The Project

    The main aim of the project was to improve the outdated look and feel of their previous suite. This includes online and offline communications.

    What was clear from the start was the lack of ‘warmth’ and ‘Christmas feel’ to everything. The ‘magic’ of Christmas was missing.

    This magic is what Variety Christmas Club provide for families who may struggle to buy gifts.

    Previous campaigns from Variety Christmas Club involved a woman who is holding a gift, perched on an armchair looking straight at the camera. This to us was definitely not ‘Christmasy’ or engaging in any way.

    What we wanted to achieve was a campaign that would excite families into joining the savings club. Also, give a breath of fresh air to all the agents. Providing a new up to date look that they could be proud of when selling their service.

    We also showed all kinds of gifts that you could buy with the vouchers. Again, this was lacking in previous campaigns and we thought that this was an important part of the design. Showing people what they could have and they will be more likely to sign up to the savings scheme.

    The design now had a woman as the main focus with a small child looking into an unwrapped gift box. This is with a look of awe and amazement on their faces. Shooting out of the box we had all the big brand names that you can buy from, Boots, Amazon, Toys r Us etc.

    With a wide suite of literature to recreate in a new style – we needed to make sure that all our design work across the board followed the same iconic style. This was conceptualised early on in the process.

    This was all wrapped up in a Christmas backdrop with lots of stars and twinkling lights. Magic!

    The previous website didn’t match the companies forward-thinking vision for the way that people save for Christmas. It was also non-responsive, which mean that their Google rankings had taken a hit.

    The new website is fully responsive and built into a content management system. The website admin can better manage and maintain their website moving forward.

    Following from the style that was set by the literature that was created – we’ve created a brand style that is seamless across all online and offline marketing.

    Giving the user a range of different ways to get the information they need, allows a dynamic experience and streamlined user journey that will encourage users to get in touch and convert through the website.

    Variety Christmas Clubs Previous Website

    Variety Christmas Clubs Current Site

    We took on the digital marketing for Variety in August, starting with Social Media marketing. Helping to improve the social presence of the business so that when we launched the new website, we had a good base.

    We are now looking to improve a range of rankings for Variety using SEO, PPC and Remarketing to help boost this and assist in brand recognition. We can’t wait to see how it improves and the results it generates over the coming months.

    Who worked on the project?

    Ollie, Sophie, Dave, Charlie, Polly, Jade, Daniel, India

    Why not take a look at the website and let us know what you think?

    Visit Variety Chistmas Club




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