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We Found just the Tonic for Redsmith Distillery

March 2, 2018

It’s not every day that a client shows up with a box full of gin. But that’s exactly what happened when Redsmith Distillery came to kick-start their project.

Looking for a new venture, Wayne Asher took his background in engineering to handcraft two copper gin stills. One of which, Jenny; is thought to be the smallest commercial ten bubble plate, carter head still in the UK.

After a year crafting the perfect recipe, which contains a secret blend of nine botanicals that remains top secret to this day. Redsmith Distillery came to Fifteen to create a distinct identity for the bottle. It was the first gin distillery to open in Nottinghamshire for more than 100 years.

The launch of the Redsmith London Dry Gin was going to attract a lot of well-deserved attention and needed a design that would match its highly anticipated launched.

The new gin brand was developed alongside the packaging, giving full control over the look and feel for the brand’s identity.

The Redsmith Distillery Brand

Teamed with a sophisticated serif font, the emblem extends into an elegant swirl incorporating a copper hammer, reflecting the craft behind the two custom stills used in the production of the gin. A unique and loved feature of the brand and story behind Redsmith Distillery.

Influenced by the copper stills, the brand adorns the label in a rich copper foil that strikes against the black finish.

The Redsmith London Dry Gin Label

Breaking away from standard labels, the final label design works to engage the audience and reflect the unique taste of the London Dry Gin.

Wrapped in a luxurious textured paper with a striking monochromatic pattern sitting on the inside. The unique label design allows a glimpse of the pattern to be visible from any angle of the bottle. The plan is brought to life through the gin which causes the pattern to transform and distort. Creating a mesmerising experience whether a glimpse is caught while passing by or pouring a glass.

The small-scale gin is distilled in small batches, individually hand labelled and numbered. With the added bespoke touch, personally signed by Wayne Asher.

In their first year of launching Redsmith’s LondoDry Gin was awarded Classic Gin of the Year in the Craft Distilling Expo 2016. Making them officially the best gin in Europe. And more recently won Label of the Year 2017 in the Packaging Awards UK, which received incredible feedback from the judges;

This is gorgeous. Perfection in a label. Instantly attractive and endlessly pleasing.

The award was won by award-winning UK label manufacturer Royston Labels who brought our design to life exactly how we had envisioned.

We look forward to working with Redsmith Distillery in the future, evolving the style further and creating a collection of eye-catching gin labels.

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