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Web Design for GrowPura® and Launch

October 9, 2020

GrowPura® is leading the way in hydroponics and vertical farming. This market leader is responding to the global environmental challenges we are facing by using cutting-edge technological advances.

The team at GrowPura® approached us to take a look at designing them a completely new and sleek website. They wanted a site that would highlight the technology advancements that GrowPura® has to offer. 

Understanding what the client’s aim was for this project was very important to us at Fifteen. In our initial meeting with Growpura®; we ensured we came away with all the information and knowledge we needed to get the project moving.

What we did

After the intial meetings, we created a sitemap. We used best practices to ensure the user journey was as easy and as quick as possible.

Once the client was happy with the sitemap, we then created the first initial concept of the website. We started this process by designing the homepage concept. We wanted to utilise the branding but give the new website a modern and clean approach.

Images can speak a thousand words and illustrations became a huge part of this project. We worked closely with the client to explore a variety of ways to approach the graphics and we were unanimous in our decision to develop a geometric line drawing style that has been used on the website to illustrate the key visuals from the earth and plants to people. As a collective, we felt that this style suited the brand’s visions and goals and helped us form a strong visual style for GrowPura®.

For the website user experience, we wanted the information to be quickly and easily accessible. We also wanted clear call to actions throughout the site. To ensure the user wouldn’t miss the call to actions we decided to use an orange coloured button. We felt that this would stand out more and have more of an impact when the user makes their way through the website.

The project was a joy to work on and we are very happy to see it go live, as were the client. We hope the client was as happy with the outcome as we were to work on the project and we can’t wait to work with the team again in the future.

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