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What is the importance of UX in web development?

September 23, 2022

Web development involves design, not just coding. UX, or user experience, is the design bit of web development. Its main goal is to present the website in a manner likely to convert your visitors into paying customers. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of UX in web development and how it will help you deliver and attain your website’s objectives.

What is UX in web development?

User experience encompasses all efforts in web design to ensure a visitor has the best possible journey. UX considers how users connect with the website and how they feel about it. As such, UX in web development seeks to understand where visitors are coming from to ensure the website delivers the answers they need.

How do you deliver a good user experience?

It is clear that user experience is important, and we shall look into why it is important in a moment. First, how does your website deliver an excellent user experience that leads to conversions and repeat visits? Here are the desirable qualities:

A useful website

Your website should deliver everything visitors need when they browse for products and services in your industry or market niche. For example, an online bike shop should handle a visitor’s needs who comes asking for bike spare parts.

A usable website

Your website should remain user-friendly at all times. When visitors face challenges accessing certain content, they will abandon the website in favour of an easier-to-use one.

An accessible website

Accessing your website should never be a struggle, no matter what device a visitor uses. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, mobile device, or another internet-capable gadget, the experience should be just as rich. Furthermore, accessibility for people living with disabilities should be excellent.

A traceable website

Finding your website online should be easy, especially with competition for visitor attention. Therefore, incorporate SEO into the site to make it easy to find.

An attractive website

This is where UX and UI somewhat merge. You need your website to have a clean and intuitive layout with all content legible without struggling. Additionally, use high resolution and tasteful images alongside engaging content. A user should find looking at the web pages a pleasing experience.

Why is UX in web development important?

When discussing the importance of UX in web development, consider its intention. From a customer’s perspective, UX in web design ensures the website serves their needs by presenting relevant content in the most helpful, intuitive, and convenient way. How then does UX help your website attain this objective?

Good UX in web development increases SEO rankings

Proper UX design improves your online presence, which improves your search results rankings. As visitors enjoy their experience on your site, they’ll often visit and recommend your site to others, further boosting your ranking.

Increased conversions on your website

As mentioned, attracting visitors’ attention is only useful if you can sustain it, and this is where UX in web development comes in. Research shows that a good UX can increase conversion rates by up to 400%, compared to UI’s 200%.

Increased trust and a credible brand image

People take time developing trust in brands. This trust only grows as they spend time with you. Your website is the avenue for such interaction. Since your UX determines how long and well such interaction will last, a good UX makes it easier for visitors to trust your brand.

Time and cost-saving measures

A thorough approach to UX in web development saves your business so much time and costs down the line. Most companies rush through the initial product launch stages with little regard for UX design. Fortunately, a more measured approach to UX design leads to greater rewards and fewer costs.

Increased revenue

The end game of effective UX in web development is to attract more visitors and sustain their interest enough to gain conversions, which leads to increased business revenue.


Besides working with UI to give a wholesome browsing experience, UX increases SEO rankings, leads to more conversions, minimises costs and time wastage, makes your brand trustworthy and credible, and increases business revenue. You only need to have yours professionally executed to reap these rewards.

And that’s where Fifteen comes in. Our talented web development team can help to ensure UI and UX are utilised effectively across the whole of your website. And it doesn’t end there so be sure to check out the full range of services we offer including web design and digital marketing services and if you have any questions, get in touch with us today!




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