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What Makes a Great Adwords Advert?

June 8, 2016

With Pay-Per-Click you’re not just looking for quantity – it’s the quality that really counts.

As a new user AdWords can be hard to get-to-grips with but the immediate return on investment (ROI) can give you the confidence to embrace the program.

With Pay-Per-Click adverts you’re competing with an abundance of other businesses, all looking to sell a similar service. Add to that the fact that each advert is restricted to only 25 headline and 70 main-body characters and you’ll realise it’s important to make sure the message you’re sending out, is the right one.

Your advert is only as good as its landing page. The site you link to needs to be engaging, full of information and easy to navigate. Avoid linking directly to your homepage – if you’re advertising a specific service or special offer have your Ad click through directly to the relevant page. If your website requires a user to go searching for the information they require, they may be put off and click that ‘back’ button. Finally, most users now digest on the go – so make sure your site is mobile optimised.

One word can speak a thousand. Google AdWords works around the premise of ‘keywords’, which are words and phrases that a user might put in to Google to search for your business. Be exact – you’re targeting users that specifically want your service, so don’t be too general. ‘Samsung mobile repair’ is more precise than ‘mobile services’ and will filter out a lot of irrelevant traffic. Keywords are changing constantly, so take the time to research ones around your industry and check out words that your competitors are utilising.

Tell your consumers what you want them to do. Include a call to action and make it clear exactly what the purpose of the advert is. Phrases like ‘order online now’ or ‘enquire online today’ are great examples to tip people from simply browsing to full-fledged customer.

Location, location, location. If you only operate in one part of the UK, why waste money advertising to the whole of the nation? Set your advert to target a specific county, or radius. Multiple location features means that if your business has branches in several cities, you can still reach all your audiences whilst filtering out the grey postcodes in-between.

Be accessible to everyone. Google AdWords give you the choice to make your advert mobile optimised. Do. It’s good to remember though, the trend of many users is to search information on their mobiles before making a purchase/enquiry later from their computer; meaning you may notice a significantly lower conversion (interest to profit) rate from mobile adverts.

Make your Ad so much more. Add an Ad-extension such as directions or the phone number, which allows users to call straight through. The inclusion of your business numbers acts as both a prompt to ring and reduces the risk of a customer being put off at the thought of having to trawl the internet to find your contact details. Google AdWord even lets you set time restrictions on your advert – meaning it’ll only be live during the hours you’re able to man the office phone.

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