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Who Killed Lucy?

February 19, 2015 - Fifteen

There’s one question that’s been on everyone’s lips this week. Who killed Lucy? Not Lucy Beale (whoever that is!), we mean our designer Lucy!


Our very own Lucy was found bumped off in the office and we have no idea whodunnit! There have been some suspicious goings on in the office so it could have been one of them, but there’s 8 people who had the motive to do it!

OllieLUCY RobLUCY RaphLUCY PavanLUCY SophieLUCY LoftyLUCY MichelleLUCY ChrisLucy


We need your help to try and work out who killed our Lucy! Check out our poll on facebook and make your guess!

We will reveal all tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled!

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