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Why Every Single Business Should Be Remarketing

September 14, 2016

On the basis that it’s easier to sell to someone that already knows you (that is, someone that’s engaged with your brand and website) remarketing is an absolute no brainer. First things first:

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is simple. Once a user visits your website and then leaves, your brand can target them throughout the Google display network in the form of a display ad. For example:






So what is dynamic remarketing?

Taking it one step further than remarketing, is dynamic remarketing. This is where a user is reminded of the very product from your website that they visited in the form of another display ad.

But why will it help my business online?

Ok, so now you know exactly what remarketing is. Using some very basic but typical maths, think about this:

You attract 10,000 users a month to your site, Google analytics already tells you. 75% of these people are NEW, yes new. That means they have never been to your website before. So thats 7,500 users to your website that have never been before.

Jan 10,000 total visits =  7500 new visitors.

Feb 10,000 total visits = 7500 new visitors.

March 10,000 total visits = 7500 new visitors.

Your total in Q1 is 30,000 total visitors, 22,500 of which are new visitors.

Stats like this are typical from month to month give or take a percent here or there. So, for the last 3 months, 22,500 users have been to your website once (and once only) and never came back.

I bet you want to know where they have gone don’t you?

Well, there’s no point dressing this up. Sadly for you, the answer is probably a competitor.

So why did they choose your competitor over you.

Well, there’s a variety of reasons but think of it like this: If we want to purchase a new TV online what do we do? We might Google ‘LED TV’. Then we might look at (who are currently top of the paid search) for this term. We might see a TV we like the look of for £749.

What do we then do?

Well we come off and check out the websites lower down. For example, Currys and Argos. A TV is typically a big purchase so we’re not going to buy the first one we see. We all like to make a saving so if someone is coming to your website first, then they’re going to look around to see if they can save themselves a few pounds.

And this is where remarketing comes in.

There are plenty of distractions to stop a user from making a purchase. You might have been prevented from buying after the children have been put to bed and read a bedtime story – time may pass, you forget about it and sit down in front of the TV to see what’s on.

The very next day, you boot up your computer again, check your emails and notice an email from a friend with a link to a Youtube video. A bit of humour in the morning goes a long way to start the day so you go ahead and click on it. Just a few seconds into the video… there it is… in the top right corner of the Youtube website. An advert with a photograph of your new lovely Sony 55” tv from Of course you click on it and without any distractions buy it and sit back and wait for the next day delivery. 1 – 0 to remarketing.

So, now you know what it is. And yes, we’ve all seen those adverts – from Airlines to shoes from car insurance to fridge-freezers. If you’re not doing it, your competitors probably are and it’s really about time you got on board.

Remarketing can be implemented at such a low cost and it’s proven to bring large percentages of people to your website (Google states around 85%). In some cases our clients have seen as much as 90%.

Put simply: If that’s 22,500 users not returning to your site, then that’s 19,125 you could have pulled in with remarketing. That’s right: 19,125 people you could have pulled back to your site and given a second chance to engage with you, buy your product or service or pick up the phone to call YOU. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Find yourself a great digital agency to design your advertising banners, write your unique messaging and set up your remarketing campaign today.




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