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Why you need to use Google Analytics this Christmas time

December 20, 2021

Google Analytics is an automatic collection of data by google, it’s important this Christmas to keep an eye on. There’s not much setup needed, that all comes in the process of taking reports that’s already available made by google.

It’s a tool that can put analytics into docs and spreadsheets, taking as much of the tedious work out that is possible. The only setup required is a line of code that you need to add to your website, then google will do the rest.

Solve bounce rate

Solve bounce rate

Bounce rate is by far the most important aspect you should be paying attention to when looking at your Google Analytics results. You need to pay attention to when and what may have happened in that period of time that caused loss of visors to your site.

If it’s christmas day, it’s obvious, but try to keep track of what’s going off and changing to cause different influxes in the results. You need to stay on top of this rate, otherwise you are at risk of losing business, then you’ll be left wondering why it’s so quiet.

Google Analytics will also keep track of what’s doing well, even a certain specific page, which is incredibly useful. You can use that data to help apply the same positive aspects of a page that’s successful, onto another or to other compatible pages across your site.

Bounce rate in Google Analytics is important this Christmas if you have any sales or services on offer. You want to keep an eye on the market as people spend their newly christmas money and use new mobile devices santa has provided them with.

If you’re having problems, Why is my Bounce Rate so high? – How to solve bounce rate! blog can help you.

Reaching your target audience

With Google analytics, you are able to have an insight into what people are using in terms of browser or mobile device. Also gain understanding of what the age or gender of your audience predominantly could be.

The newfound knowledge you can build with Google Analytics will give you more insight into what you need to be doing. Make sure you reach the right audience, for the right reasons. You can see if traffic came from social media too, helping you figure out if all is working as should be.

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Google analytics

Check that you achieved your goals

Having all the useful information available to you allows you to check how successful of a year you’ve had. Maybe you set yourself some goals and targets last year, be sure to check them out with all the useful tools Google Analytics has to offer.

Not only look at the past, but look to the future. You can now set targets to grow for the upcoming year. Keep records of the data you collect, compare and improvise throughout the year to become the best you can possibly be. Stay positive and use your results to achieve targets, go big, but stay realistic.

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No price to pay

Without a doubt, Google Analytics‘ most positive aspect it has to offer is its free. Simply have the patience and allocate a small amount of time to keep on track, and you’ll be well on the way to success. It has all the useful features and tools to keep on top of site traffic, and you don’t need to pay a penny.


Our conclusion today is that you should make most of what’s available to you, especially when it’s Free! Google does all the hard work for you, you just need to have the incentive to make it work. Get started today, and don’t hold back on useful tools that have the potential to boost your business.

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