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Why You Should Be Internally Linking On Your Website

January 9, 2017

Let’s begin with, what is internal linking? Internal linking is when you feature a link within a blog post or on a page on your website, that will then link readers to another page within the same domain. This does not include linking to outsources when you may be backing up statistics or facts.

Internal linking is such an easy thing you can be doing on your website to help improve your website, all it requires is you adding a link to text within a page or blog post which can be done within a matter of seconds. You’re probably wondering how internal linking benefits your website, so here are just a few benefits for you to read up on.

The Benefits Of Internal Linking

Drives & Increases Traffic To Other Pages

Within a blog post or page, you may mention a product, service, or a previous article from your site that is relevant to what you’re talking about or may help your reader. This is a great opportunity to turn this into an internal link. Directing your readers to another page on your website will increase traffic and views on the page.

Reduces Bounce Rate

When your readers click through internal links, this will reduce the bounce rate on your website. A bounce rate is the percentage of readers that click onto a page on your website and then close the page without going to any other parts of your site. You want to keep your readers engaged for as long as possible, this way they’re more likely to find something that they may be interested in.

Revives Past Blog Posts

If you’re internally linking to old blog posts on your website, this will make the blog posts relevant again and not lost within your site. If you’ve spent the time writing a blog post that’s really useful to your readers, it’s worth recycling it!

Overall Internal Linking Improves SEO

All of these above benefits will help to improve your websites search engine optimisation. This will make your website more visible to those who are looking for your products or services and therefore should help to increase factors like conversions and enquiries for your company.

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Watch and learn, I just internally linked twice there! 




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