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Why you should be optimising your digital marketing presence

March 27, 2020

It’s an uncertain time for the majority of UK businesses, with face-to-face interaction shutting down and people staying at home, so how are people communicating with each other? Well, they are all doing it online. Now more than ever, the internet is connecting people and helping everyone stay in touch with one another. We’ve always said digital is the future!

What does this mean for your business? Well, if you are like us, and have had to go from working in an office environment to working from home, then you may already be communicating to your staff, and clients over WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts and social media. 

As this is what appears to be in store for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to capitalize on your digital presence.

You can do this in several ways, and considering any of these will help you stay ahead of the game and help you when the time comes to get back to it; 

Take this as an opportunity to work on your website

We’ve said this before, but your website is like another member of staff, who doesn’t stop working, your website is one of the first things potential clients and current clients will see when they search for you in Google, and it needs care and attention. 

If you’ve had your website for a year or so, why not take a look at areas that you can improve, make some changes to your homepage, or write some blogs. If this is something that you are interested in, then please get in touch with us, we can provide you with a mini web audit, and provide some recommendations about how you can improve your website and align it with any new goals that you may be wanting to align to in the coming months as well as write blogs for you


Keeping your website updated during a time like this will help you in the long run, it shows that you are being proactive and are still operating as a business, it will also put you in a good position to kick-start when everything opens back up. 

Many clients are including some key information about how their business is operating throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and by displaying this information will help keep everyone informed. This can be updated at any time through a content management system (CMS) and can also be used in the future for any further notices that may need to be displayed on the website (is it too soon to start thinking about Christmas?) 

Capitalise on social media

If you can, interact with your followers on social media, whether this is offering key services, special offers or even offering a bit of humour in line with your brand to help keep people sane during this time. 

Many of the top brands are pushing their online presence, encouraging those who can to shop online, which means that they can grow their online retail reputation during this time.


While people are shopping online this will be the main source of income, but when the shops re-open while they may see a small dip in online orders, I suspect that many users will still choose to purchase online as well as in-store.

Even local businesses are promoting on social media platforms; local garden centres are offering free delivery of products if a customer spends X, small restaurants are delivering food to the area and more. There are even posts where businesses are putting together packs for the vulnerable people and posting on local Facebook groups, doing their bit and showing how kind they are. This goodwill not only increases reputations over the coming months, but it will also mean that people will keep them in their minds when they re-open.

Send out an email

Emails are a great way to reach people and provide key information about services, and what you are doing at the moment. Email marketing also helps your current customers stay calm and know that they are in safe hands. 

Depending on your industry you will have to tailor emails according to your audience but remaining positive is key. Keep your customers engaged and on board.


Talk about the changes you’re making to your business, talk about services that will help customers during this time, or even gear up for when you reopen offering a welcome back discount. 

Focus on your SEO 

We all know that SEO is a long game, so, why not take the opportunity to focus your efforts on really growing your organic visibility ready for everything to pick back up. 


There are many ways that you can do this, either by revisiting the content on your website, writing blogs, or looking at more technical SEO optimisations.  

SEO makes you stand out online among your competitors. Make sure you have the best base from which to work regardless of the world outside of the internet.

Max out PPC

Paid advertising might not be something that you are thinking about right now, but with everyone buying online there isn’t a better time to do it, especially if you are offering something that can be delivered. 

PPC allows you to make a splash in your industry instantly by buying keyword spots and advertising directly to your target market. With more people online than ever, now is the time to invest in an analytical advertising model with effective results.


While the situation at the moment is uncertain for many, the main message is clear, this will be over, and we will make it through to the other side, however long that may take, we don’t know, but there is an end and before we all know it, it will all be over.

If you need any help or assistance from us here at Fifteen, please get in touch with your account manager or a member of the team, email: [email protected] or call the office on 0115 932 5151 




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