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Will Instagram Beat Snapchat?

February 6, 2017

There has been a battle going on between Snapchat and Instagram since Instagram launched its stories feature, but who will win the fight?

The Progression Of Instagram & Snapchat

The fun-loving, 10-second video, filter filled, social network channel, Snapchat, was reported as the fastest growing social media app of 2016 until Instagram stepped in with Instagram Stories.

Prior to this, there was little similarity between Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram was originally a platform for posting images and short video clips onto your profile feed, with the feature of image editing with a variety of toned filters. Whilst Snapchat enabled you to send either photos or video clips to your friends for a maximum of 10 seconds.

However, Instagram has been fast to keep adding more to their app to compete with other social media networks. With features including Boomerang, Layout, Stories and the official release of Instagram Shopping soon approaching. They aren’t afraid of creating more features to keep ahead of the game.

Snapchat truly boomed after the launch of their face recognition filters and location stamps. It was something that an app hadn’t really offered before, and they are now constantly releasing new filters. Brands are also able to make exclusive filters as part of their integrated digital campaigns.

Let The Battle Commence

For a while, the two networks had their differences, but when Instagram stories launched, their similarities grew. Many people switched to using Instagram stories over Snapchat stories.

There are simple extra features that Insta has integrated into stories, including the ability to tag your friends or other accounts within the post and they are also testing to allow verified accounts to insert links within story posts.

However, Snapchat very much still owns the face-recognition filter feature. It definitely allows you to take the best selfies and have a joke around with friends, but are they struggling to offer more?

Other than Snapchat stories & filters, the main other feature they offer is Discover. If you like a good news or gossip piece, then you’ll like this feature, as it’s where brands such as Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, BuzzFeed and more post about the latest news, or even some tips and tricks. They’re almost like mini blog posts.

Through the app, Wishbone, people have been voting between the two networks, and 43% of respondents said that they would delete Snapchat if Instagram started providing Lens and Geofilter options.

This will most likely be due to the fact that if this was simply added to Instagram, then it’s clear that Instagram has far more features available for people to use.

Which Will Benefit Your Brand Most?

When it comes to quality, features and creating a consistent brand, Instagram is currently where it’s at. Sorry, Snapchat!

For personal use, Snapchat can be great fun. But when you do compare the two social platforms, Instagram is currently offering a lot more, especially for brands.

On Instagram, there are multiple styles of adverts available, the shopping feature is soon to be released and you don’t lose your image after 24hours! Potential customers can come back to your Instagram account and scroll through previous posts if they wish, and this also allows you to create more of a brand presence.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Snapchat isn’t worth looking into. It could be a matter of one new game changing feature being released, so make sure you still grab your brand domain on there before it’s scooped up!

What are your thoughts on the future of these two networks? Let us know in the comments!




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